Even a condition to love unconditionally

I have often heard around church life – and sometimes said myself:

“They have God in them.”

A person who is the essence of Unconditional Love.  An example held up in awe because it is so rare.  Because being that is so impossible.  And because living that is something we see in Jesus (and some celeb altruists and believers) but not really something for “us” or “me”.

“Us and me” try in vain to be like God Soft Hands Jesus but know we fail every time.   The divine is “Divine” and we are merely sinners saved by the grace of Divine.  That is the corporate chant of sinners saved but by the grace of God.

I bumped into a post this morning.  A connection via a connection (you know how these things work).

“Because what Sarah did was not human. What Sarah did was utterly Divine … Now here’s the thing, Sarah, successful, human-rights-activist, mover and shaker of our modern world Sarah, does not call herself a follower of Christ.”
“Need” by It Is Well – juliabrynne

Is the reason for linking my words to that post.

The post Is inspirational – is so worth reading – is so uplifting – is full of so many “takeaways”. And I have and did.

Except I think this “takeaway” needs mentioning …

I wonder whether Christians can ever drop the “Christian tradition” that anyone living unconditional love must be a Christian (even when they say they are not).

Whether Christians can ever accept that goodness is not exclusive – that love is not exclusive – that love without condition is not only possible but is all around us right now.

Can accept that unconditional love is of those who do not limit their beliefs – who do not see them and us – who embrace all in need – no matter where why who when what.

Can ever understand that is only possible because they have no expectation, no conditions and no agenda (other than kindness).

“Whether she realized it, wanted to, or meant to, Sarah was an incredible witness to the Kingdom that day.  And the fact that all humans were made in the image of God. Because in reality, Sarah’s actions reflected Him, not herself.”

A few years ago I would have said the same thing.

Today I say this:

Can all those of faith (in something greater than ourselves) embrace the evidence that love without condition (in those not of religion of faith) is evidence?

Evidence that love without condition requires “without condition” and that religion and faith have “condition” embedded in everything (even a condition to love unconditionally).

So today my hope is that those of religion and faith see what Jesus taught.   And that when we see that in others we don’t make them fit the conditional belief system of our preferred religion and faith (as Jesus taught not to do).

Thank you.


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