On snoring and a brave new world

All my life I have been told that I snore (and not in a good way either). All my life I have been told that I snore too loudly, too quickly, too often, too much. Can you imagine that?

All my life I have been told something I cannot prove for myself – all my life told that when I sleep I do “that” – all my life being told “that” is a bad thing – that “that” keeps you awake – that “that” isn’t nice – that I need to something about “that”.  Can you imagine living you whole life being told that?

What can I do?  We all have to sleep.  I am no different. I just close my eyes and sleep. And then get told how anti-social I am when I wake again.  And I cannot even tell you that you are wrong or right – even though I have never heard myself snore – even though I never seem to suffer this “snoring” – even though I don’t do it on purpose (if I even do it all).  Bet you can’t imagine that.

So I ponder being able to prove it.  I have a brilliant new invention.

A machine that can “hear” this alleged snoring.  A machine that can “remember” this alleged snoring.  A machine that can “play back” this alleged snoring as it really happened.  A machine that will “play back” when I want – not when you want – but when I want – not how you want – but as it actually is. Can you imagine that?

I have spent hours imagining a machine like that.  Because I think it could change more than just the snoring thing.  I think it could change the whole world:

– The “I said this and you said that so I said this”… “no you didn’t – you said that so I said this and then you said that” arguments.
– The gossip never proven but always real – now available to play back as the truth.
– The actual words said when someone quotes me as having said words I didn’t.

Imagine not having to remember everything.  Imagine not having to trust anyone – like ever!  Imagine a world where what you tell me is true I can fact-check in the blink of an eye.  Imagine how that would make all our lives so much better!

But you know something … I don’t think it has to stop there … I think there is even more!

Because the next version could be one that would “see and hear”!  Now I know you can’t even come close to imagining that!  So let me paint you a picture:

– Body-language AND the spoken words.
– Seeing what happened AND hearing what happened!
– Whenever you want.  Wherever you want.  About whoever you want.

Imagine there being no more arguments.  No more having to trust.  No more having to believe someone – no more believing anyone!  We would all live the truth – all the time.

That is my brave new world. That is my perfect future.

What a brilliant world that would be!


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