I cannot – so you must not

Yesterday was a day to remember and talk about Susan Irene Fox – just one human being – just one ordinary person who was thought extraordinary …

Today I find myself cross. Cross with the Institution of God that so often teaches how to love as Susan loved – but how Susan shouldn’t really have loved that much – should not be remembered for having loved that much – that only God can love that much – that we (and Susan) cannot love that much – so should not even claim (or aim) to love that much.

I posted a little rant of almost 800 words in Church Set Free.

Why wait till one of us is dead to find out we can love that much? Why forget after a few hours, a few days, a few weeks as the Institutions of God continue to teach we cannot – we should not even think we can – love that much?

Susan proved we can – we should – we must.  Just read the comments others made of her life and loving.


Church Set Free

I get cross when I see some godly writings. I think those who run godly organisations should listen to this little rant.

First here is the gunpowder:

Something to think and pray about this week

Humility gives us the sacred gift of being able to learn from everyone. It gives us the ability to take advice from any person who gives it, not just the brilliant or the holy or the great, but from the simple and the ignorant and from those who may be far below our own position or station in life. It gives us the power to imitate Christ himself, who learned from Peter how to catch fish, and from Joseph how to make tables, and from Mary how to eat. It gives us the power to learn, even from those who do not appeal to us at all, whom we may not like very…

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