The gift of life – whose gift?

“I think maybe I have my arm down a rabbit hole and can feel and visualise perfectly what is there – but am having trouble describing it to anyone else.”

Here is my rabbit hole.  Here is my rabbit.

There was a young man who was taught of a Father Great.  A Father of all and of One.  A Father of eternity and of now.  A Father greater than any before or after.  Not a Father Great but The Father Great.  For this Father Great is the Christian Tradition and the Christian Tradition is Father Great.  They are the same.  

So the young man was taught that Father Great desires obedience.  Father Great desires much. The young man was taught how Father Great Christian Tradition desires prayer, desires The Word of Father Great Christian Tradition to be read, was taught that Father Great is the Word Living become the Word.  The young man learned well.  The young man churched well.  The young man Christianed well.

Young men learn things well.  How not to cry.  How to work hard.  How to drink hard.  How to Christian hard.  How to be a good Christian.  How to be seen to be a good Christian for Father Great.  How not to get caught.  That is the Father Great Christian Tradition we teach.

(So to the rabbit hole of the past few posts)

No longer that young man.  Now having walked away from Father Great Christian Tradition.  Now having walked to Father Great.  Without the tradition.  No tradition – all fresh.  Everything new.  Everything love.  Love without condition.

Father Great is Love.  Love is Father Great.  Unconditional Love Unconditional Father.  I am to be like Father Great.  A follower of Father Great. This is – almost – what I, as that young man, was taught.  It is what I – without tradition – as an adult of choice, choose.  I choose unconditional love.  I choose to be indwelt of Father Great.  They are one and the same.  I am of One and the Same.  I am love unconditional.  I am friend.  Which is not – almost – my teaching of Father Great (Christian Tradition) as a young man.

Yet still I find I measure how unconditional my love (you can take the young man out of Christian Tradition but not Christian Tradition out of the young man) … My love is becoming less conditional than before.   If I try harder it will become more unconditional.

(the rabbit hole)

Infinite.  Eternity.  Nothingness.  Unconditional.  All are one.  There is no measure.  Even to think “measure” is to love conditionally.  Unconditional love “is” Father Great – is just “is” (and nothing more).

For anything more is condition. Is not Father Great.  Is not unconditional.  So I must “be”.   And nothing more.  For anything more is not Father Great.

(the rabbit inside the hole)

The Gift of Life.

Squirm …. whose “gift”?  Not the created.
Squirm … unconditional love requires choice.
Squirm … the created has no choice.
Squirm … only the creator has choice.

The gift of life is a gift of the creator to the creator.
And only of the creator to the creator.
The “created lfe” has no choice in living – the living is the “consequence” of creation.

So the creator may love the created life unconditionally – but the created life has to choose to love the creator unconditionally.  The young man I was owes Father Great nothing.  The young man I no longer am owes Father Great nothing.  The choices of the created life are the choices of the created life alone.  Those choices – if of unconditional love – cannot be of deference, of obligation, of debt, of duty.  For that is condition.  That is need.  And that is not love unconditional.

(can you feel the rabbit squirm?)

So where now The Fall?  Did the creator then love conditionally?  Or do we name this “tough love”?

And did the created life live conditionally?  Do this but not do that.  And do we name that obedience and disobedience?

And where sacrifice?  Ditto.  So why the Cross?  Ditto.   So what of saved … worship … forgiveness … grace …  Why all the language – the church speak – of Father Great Christian Tradition … ?

The creator’s gift of life was not to the created life.  The creator’s gift of life was to and for the creator.  And if Father Great is love unconditional – then as that young man and now no longer that young man … I cannot owe Father Great … anything.

I have no debt.  There is no saving.  Or else I cannot love Father Great without condition.  And Father Great is love unconditional – desiring unconditional love – of all – of One.

So now back to my teaching as a young man … to the the teaching of tradition I see still …  The teaching of the created who teach Father Great Christian Tradition … who teach of love unconditional (with conditions) …

I have struggled with “love conditionally unconditional” as taught.  It is a transaction of debt and reward.  It is a teaching of obligation for a gift never intended as mine.  It is a teaching of Father Great Transaction.  And Father Great who indwells within me right now is not of transaction.

So why would Father Great create not life – but “transaction”?  That is not love unconditional.  That is not Father Great.

(can you see the rabbit yet?)

So the bible, the tradition of church, the teaching of love, the teaching of all …

Tell me … am I wrong?

Or is Father Great of love conditional?  Is “the gift of life” really mine – and with it my obligation to love conditionally?   And if so … where is Father Great – love unconditional – love eternal – life eternal?

But if love unconditional – Father Great eternal – life eternal … why then this teaching of conditional worship and conditional sin and conditional forgiveness and conditional grace … of a conditional Christian Tradition we revere and perpetuate?

And do you know how He invited me to stick my arm further and further in?

LGBTQ – same gender relationship – orgasm – creation of life – conditional marriage – biblical teaching.  And love.  For love is always the answer no matter the question.


“I think maybe I have my arm down a rabbit hole and can feel and visualise perfectly what is there – but am having trouble describing it to anyone else.”


I hope I have gently brought this rabbit from its hidden burrow to the light of love.  I desire not your agreement but your condideration. I wish only for real relationship, love without condition.  I seek not forgiveness – I seek love infinite eternity nothingness unconditional of one in one with One.  I seek not the Father Great Christian Tradition – I am what I know is within me.   I do not seek to love unconditionally for the seeking is of condition.  I desire I Am.

For anything more is condition.

Thank you.



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