Holiday: Day 2

I am not very good with weather.  Ever since I was born I have been surrounded by weather.  Every day for sixty years.  That is a lot of weather to remember.  So I don’t.

I am not very good with climate change.  My sixty years are not a big deal when it comes to climate change of the measurable kind.  Not when I don’t even measure it.

And, let’s be honest, there is so much weather everywhere every day.  Not just my weather.  But your weather.  And our current Turkey weather.

Except this is not even “Turkey weather”.  This is only this afternoon’s weather right where we are right now.   I have no idea of the weather anywhere else.  Not without taking someone else’s word.

What I do know is that sand is becoming a precious commodity.  Did you know that?

So much concrete is being laid that more and more sand is being harvested to feed the demand.  And I now know that in some poor and dry areas –  the rivers that rely on sand to absorb water in wet times – and that they rely on to “release” in dry times – are being stripped of that sand down to the bedrock.

So as well as covering more and more of this planet with concrete – for those depending on water being released in dry times – there is none to release.

And that small story can be repeated in different areas of the globe.  With other “taking of resource” facts and anecdotes.  We act as though this planet of resource is infinite.  I certainly do.  We flew here and will fly back.

Yet my grandfather saw flight to flying.  And I saw no internet as a youngster – but am now sitting on the beach typing these words.  And our children will see something they currently never knew could be taken for granted.  And our grandchildren the same.  And yours.

Which is why I wonder why we all take it all for granted, but doubt whether we are even changing the world we inhabit.  Doubt we are changing the climate.  Doubt that it will be anything but okay.  Argue over the need to cut back, argue over the need to caretake (as we just take).

And for those who have any kind of faith (professed or not) …

I wonder why we argue about who has the correct god, who has the correct sacred writings, why we focus on one side converting the other side, with the other side doing the same back – and those who wish to be neither regarded by both sides as godless.

And yet this very planet that we (of all gods and none) regard as a great gift … we have the gift of gorging this gift ever faster without any regard at all.

And if we of faith – or no faith at all – are not changing this planet for the better with our love …

Why are we even here at all?



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