Holiday: Day 3

Every day at day’s end light fades and darkness arrives.  Every day the sun sets.  Every day the sun rises.  It has been this way for everyone who has ever lived or is yet to live. Multiply the days you have lived and then note the times you have noticed.

I rarely note the passing of the day.  Other than it means work has finished or has not.  A meal to cook or a meal cooked.  One activity coming to an end and another to begin.  Just another tick-tock on the clock of life.  Unremarkable and unnoted.

On holiday we do notice much more.  The sunsets here are a powerful draw.  People come to the seafront especially.  The many restaurants along the seafront use it a selling point.  Every sunset there are people pointing cameras – just sitting quietly looking west.

Yet even these moments get lost.  Even here they are every evening.  Even here we live  with eyes and minds elsewhere.   Sometimes in the shower.  Sometimes on the dolmus.  And sometimes for no reason at all.

And then sometimes in a special way.

On the water-taxi between our usual place and another place.  Sometimes.  The water taxi takes 30 minutes chugging to a timetable of convenience.  And when that 30 minutes coincides with a sunset, the boat always has a hush.  Always us holidaymakers absorbed.  Yet even these moments are rarely sought.  Running the day to fit a transport timetable of others is not our holiday.  And even these moments are remarkable only in passing.

But then there are very rare very special “gift moments”.

This is my gift moment (number one) and we had gift moment (number two) yesterday.  Out on a boat.  Long way from our usual places.  Nothing between my soul and the sun setting.  A connection.  Deep and powerful.  A moment of being pinned between something immense and something tiny deep inside.

I see this picture and I am connected every time.  The silence which is not.  The stillness which is movement.  The moment of absence of all – surrounded by twelve others.  A sunset boat trip beginning at 1.00pm and ending eight hours later.

You may see a picture of note.  You may appreciate something of what you see and read here.  I can only share how these two moments have connected me.  Because I bring you no bible.  No sacred texts.  No faith or religion.  I bring my two gift moments.

Not to tell you of God.  Not to show you God.  Not to convince you of my God.  But because they make sense of all “that” for me.  it is I who accepts moments like this.  It is I who experience these gifts.  Sometimes by accident, and sometimes in hope.  But only and always when I allow.

And because God Soft Hands Jesus presents – for no cost, sacrifice or payment – these gift moments every day of my life.  Whether I notice is not important I think.  But I find I want to.

More and more.



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