Holiday: Day 5

We love the beach.  Someday we sit here.  In front of “the strip” with municipal umbrellas and sun beds.  Pay a fee and stay all day.  That is the (municipal) law.

And today we are sitting here.  No municipal anything.  Just each beach cafe providing for tourists.  The unwritten expectation that you will buy your refreshments from them  But that is not the law.

And tomorrow …

Maybe somewhere else – different people – different interests – different preferences – same beach.

And today this “difference” caught my eye ..

Is it the sea, the background, the foreground, the sky, the sea … ?

Well the clue is the umbrellas.  The ones we are under – the ones further away.  The bushy straw ones – the neat manufactured ones.

But the umbrellas are not “it”.

We can sit on either.  We have sat on both. Both face the sea.  Both have sun beds beneath.  Both are run by Turkish owners.  Both provide food and drink.  Both are peaceful and relaxing.  One set of umbrellas provides a lot of shade – the other set less shade.

Neither charge for their umbrellas and sun beds.  Both hope you will stay long enough to buy some food and drink.  But we don’t have to.  We choose where we sit.  We choose how much (or not) to spend.  Oh, and the bushy umbrella place has beer on its list of drinks.  The other does not.

(and from two small pictures I am guessing you didn’t realise that either)

We are here today because the umbrellas are wide woven straw.  Shade-full.  And if they didn’t serve beer we would sit here anyway.  If the sides were reversed and the small umbrellas served beer and the bushy ones not – we would choose bushy most days.

(but another unspoken expectation right here is that the “no beer” bit is (good) Muslim, and the “beer” bit is not – except those of a Muslim country and a Christian country – are seen on both)

And I wonder again …

The only difference is WHAT we choose, because we ALL inhabit the same “beach”.

(and maybe another beinwhether “beer being available” – or not – becomes so important to us that we will only sit under one kind of umbrella and only speak to those who sit with us)




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