Holiday : Day 7

This holiday we planned to stay connected.  Normal living is being connected – so why not on holiday.  So (while connected at home) we found we could rent a little gadget in Turkey while in Turkey to stay connected in Turkey.  So we did.

This little gadget keeps us connected.

I have no idea of the technology.  All I know is that when we switch it on we have wi-fi anywhere in Turkey.  On the beach.  Out on a boat trip.  In our apartment.  On the move or staying still – we are connected.  We hired it in advance of arriving in Turkey.  It was waiting for us when we arrived.  All we did was charge the battery and key-in the password.  And remain connected.  On the beach.  Out on a boat trip.  Everywhere in Turkey.

Connection, for me, is keeping in touch with family.  Nothing major.  Nothing we need to know.  And keeping in touch is with you as well.  Nothing major.  Just thoughts to share as usual.  Small stuff.  Daily living stuff.  Friends stuff.  Details stuff.

In the past I have always believed not being connected (as much) on holiday is a good thing.  That holidays are a time to switch-off from the “always on” life we seem to be living more and more.  This obligation to be available 24/7.  This blurring of “work-life balance”.

Yet I am finding out it is really the other way around.

The “always on” is being connected with others.  Social meeja we call it.  Crafted images and selected thought-fragments.  Our public narrative of our own living that we share with others.  Work emails and such just get in the way of that.

So I am learning on this holiday – why was it so good to be “unconnected” for two weeks?  Why did I choose (before) to not be connected?

Because we are on holiday and we are switched-off from much of our normal routines, normal demands, normal obligations.  We are managing to sleep on our sunbeds quite successfully.  Managing to enjoy others around us.  Managing to enjoy being on holiday every second of each day.  Managing to really enjoy being switched-off from all “that”.  But also really enjoying still being connected.

Because I have learned this past week that being “connected” and “switching-off” are not the same.

And I wonder now if I ever really got the difference between being connected and being switched-on (and off) to God.  I wonder if that is why I always wanted to reach beyond “God” – worshipped and adored – feared and held in awe – the Forgiver rather than the Friend …

I wonder if that is what we really mean when we talk about “relationship”.  To be connected 24/7 with the Friend (in my case GSHJ) rather than be switched-on (and off) to The Forgiver at set times each week.

Today helped me understand better why GSHJ is so important in my living.  And why I resist being switched-on (and off).  Thank you for listening.

Sunbed time done for another day …



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