Holiday: Day 9 (very early)

Tuesday – before dawn

Double glazing and air-conditioning are modern inventions not mentioned in the bible.  Nor are chickens, hens, cocks or cockerels.  Roosters are mentioned 11 times.  Biblegateway is a USA site.  The word rooster – I think – is an Americanism for our word “cock” or “cockerel”.    A male hen.  The one that makes all the noise.

I find it odd that these birds are not mentioned more in the bible.  They are everywhere out here.  Little chicks not so much – the roaming cats (and dogs) would have them.  But the bigger adults are a common sight and sound.  The cats steer clear of them and the dogs just accept them as part of the landscape.

The friend, whose apartment we are in, can sleep eight hours without twitching.  Windows open, no air-conditioning needed, sound of the cock (rooster) making no impression on his slumbers.  Me?  Even with the windows shut, a fan moving the hot air around, and ear-plugs firmly in, the little b*****d cock (rooster) in the next garden still gets inside my brain.

Truly I tell you,” Jesus answered, “this very night, before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times.” Matthew 26:34

Cocks don’t announce the dawn.  They announce their territory to other cocks (roosters) all day and all night.  Every day and every night.  I have come to the conclusion that cocks (roosters) get by with VERY short cat-naps.  Because every time any cock (rooster) within cock earshot (which at night is a very long way) announces themselves – immediately every other cock (rooster) within hearing (which at night is a very long way) is  obliged to announce their territory back – which causes an interminable and ceaseless cockerel cacophony (with cat-nap pauses) – which bounces around all night long.  Every night.

So by my calculations, Simon Peter had about three minutes – and it could have been any three minutes in any twenty-four hours of any day of the week.  Either that or they were all deaf – and there are enough speaking and answering verses to say they weren’t.

Far be it for me to rewrite the very hallowed utterances of the Son of God – but I reckon someone already did.  I reckon those ascribing his words (in their personal recollections) doth employ poetic licence from time to time, m’lud.

Because I get that the intended “when” was before dawn.  But even Jesus – and Simon Peter – would have been familiar with these ever-present cat-napping little b*****d cockerels (roosters).

And if something that basic can become “fact” – then I am content to continue reading the bible without the need to make it safe – make it literal – make it irrefutable evidence on which a case for God is made.

There are better things to argue over.


Tuesday – after sun-up

I haven’t been able to write this post three times before the cock (rooster) next door crowed.  But I really wish it lived somewhere else.  And that is the truth.

(and which is why we sleep so much on the sun-beds each day)



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