Holiday: Day 10

How does “sacred” work?

Yesterday was a day of miscommunication.  We had two breakfasts because of it.  We rearranged our plans for the day because of it.  We saw two close friends struggle because of it.  We are rearranging Day 11 because of it.  Some of that was different languages barrier and some was cultural obligations barrier.  Yet the day was a day like any other.

So how does “sacred” work?

The toilets out here come with a built-in jet spray on the rim behind you.  The idea is to do your business and then fire a water jet towards your “business end” before drying off with individual sheets of toilet paper.  Most places have a “no paper down the toilet” rule.  Soggy clean paper makes sense of that request.  We never knew that for years.

So what is “sacred”?

I think it is walking gently.

I think treating each as sacred is an obligation to walk gently.  For some that means banter, for others debate, for others silence, for others space, for others company, for others yet something else.  But I think “miscommunication” is not just about different languages and customs and culture.

I think if is also about disallowing those I am with to be themselves.  I think “miscommunication” is also when we assume others to be predictable.  I think we need that predictability (even though we are not).

I am often not what others expect me to be.  And I am often not what I expect me to be because I am of this moment.

So I think “miscommunication” is mainly my lack of understanding of what I am in this moment.   Which means I will “miscommunicate” with you – because I am already “miscommunicating” with myself.

And walking gently each day gives me a chance to understand me better when I am with you (also miscommunicating with yourself).  And, I think, that walking gently overcomes barriers – language barriers, cultural barriers, and barriers to me being me and you being you.

Is that how “sacred” works?

Those i regard as my role models, those I wish to model myself on, have only one thing in common.  They walk gently.  They create an oasis of calm wherever they are – even in a cacophony of miscommunication – even when I have no idea what is happening – they do.

It is a way of being, I think.

Yesterday was a day of miscommunication, yet we walked gently the whole day.  Maybe because in Turkey we know how little we know.  Maybe because our daily routine excludes so much daily obligation right now.  Maybe because we can rearrange and rearrange again what is – or is not – in each day.  All I know is that by walking gently no one was injured, terminally wounded or even emotionally killed. Not even us.

As I walk today I will model my walk on those who already walk gently.  I think love is gentle. And gentle is kind.

Are you sacred?

I Am.

Then walk gently.

I Will.



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