“It is not about God” – an explanation

I have received feedback in the past when a post seems to jar.  When the words of a post seem to be incongruous with God Jesus.  I sense this morning’s post might be one of those.  And yet – for me – it is as harmonious as talking about GSHJ rocking up in the batmobile.  And here is why …


If it is about God – is it about duty – about sacrifice – about being a Christian?  Just what is “it” about?

Because the previous post was not about Donald Trump.

It was about the prevalence of instant commenting on twitter and facebook. The prevalence of instant right over wrong, instant truth over lie, instant opinion over listening, instant “immediacy” over humanity.

And because this world seems hell-bent on “passing by on the other side” – but needing to “cat call / pass judgement / blame / hurt / shout loudly” as it does.  And that seems to be becoming universal.  Because we all have a voice with the internet – and the internet means we can shout because … we can (and because others do – I will as well).

And for another reason.  The reason I see so often in this instant commenting and instant justice.

God is the reason we cannot be silent. Being silent is us Christians endorsing injustice.  If we are Christians we must not be silent.  What will they think of God if we remain silent? And what will they think of us?

Yet I think all the noise (one fashionable, trending, current and topical issue at a time) is, so often, what gets God a bad name.

God has no need to shoot from the hip.  No need to tweet.  No need to FB comment. No need to jump on a fashionable, topical bandwagon.  No need to be outraged for a fleeting moment (before being outraged for a fleeting moment elsewhere).

Not unless it empowers rather than castrates. Not unless it builds up rather than tears down. Not unless it is of love – and love is rarely topical.

So the odd thing I find more and more is this reaction of a calculated response. An unnatural we must not be silent response.  A “WWJD” response of transaction for the digital age.

What Would Jesus Do (google it)?

I don’t google it.  I don’t see Jesus googling it pausing to ask what God would do. I don’t see Jesus pausing to figure out the right or wrong thing in relation to religion and theology. I don’t see Jesus needing to pause.  I don’t see Jesus doing it for God – or because of God.  I see none of that.

I see Jesus “being”.

I see a connection that is always the same.  Never rushed – never from the hip – always gentle – always kind – always the same.  A Jesus who doesn’t fear loving first or the most.  A Jesus who doesn’t fear rejection or being seen (or not being seen).  And a Jesus that does not seek to be right – but loves because love is right.

So if I keep instant commenting and checking my “godly reflection” in the mirror …

Why might that be?



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