He meets us where we are

He meets us where we are.

Six small words.  No long-winded elocution.  No dictionary required.  Just six short words.

He. Meets. Us. Where. We. Are.

I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to “meet” others where they are – and I have only a handful to “meet”.  And yet …

He meets us where we are.

How many times have I been caught out when I assumed someone I “meet” is the same person I “met” last time.  Except something has happened in between – and they are the same (but not the same) this time.  “What’s the matter with you?”  Often my response when I “meet” the same person (but not the same person).

But He meets us where we are.

In a grump or a fit of laughter.  In tears or the frown of concentration.  Bored to tears or focused like never before.  On our own or in the middle of a crowd.  Driving.  Walking.  Dozing in bed.  Climbing a mountain.  In moments of danger.  In moments not.

He meets us where we are.

I am sitting here right now with those six words echoing around my brain, my body, my soul.  Little old me.  Little young you.  Me.  You.  Each one of us.  And each one of us no matter where – no matter how – no matter what.

He. Meets. Us. Where. We. Are.

Day after day.  Year after year.  Lifetime and lifetime.  Age after age.  Culture after culture.  Religion after religion.  Faith after faith.  No hierarchy.  No better or worse.  No richer or poorer.  No saved or unsaved.  No holy or unholy.  Just whole and wholly.  Every time.

Is it just me or does that not connect with something so deep it is … beyond words?

He meets us where we are!



(inspired by reading this:


thanks Don)


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