Obligated to worship

Recently we have had birthday parties galore and more yet to come.

The season of autumn is a season of celebration in our family.

The younger the celebrant, the higher the level of excitement.  Unless it is a decade birthday (and then the planning and indulgence crank up more than a few notches).  But in a grown-up way.

We have two decade birthdays recently.  Celebrations not just of life but also of family  near and extended.

There have been cards and there have been presents.  But a greater and wonderful celebration of life and living – of family and belonging – of purpose and continuity – of belonging without need – of love without any conditions at all – of love without any expectations at all.

There is just … “love”.

“And if worship is not love – what is worship? And if worship is love – why not call it LOVE?” – “The Place in all

In all the years I have had birthdays … all those years I have shared birthday celebrations with others … with each and every decade celebration … with family of loved ones … with friends loved and respected … with acquaintances of affection …

There has never been … “worship”.

“And if worship is not love – what is worship?  And if worship is love – why not call it LOVE?”

I wonder (on this day of another birthday celebration) –

Why do we love each other so easily but are obligated to “worship”

The One who loves us most?



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