The foundation of all I now wish to be and become


My church “is”
So judge not those whom I see in my church
Just because you do not see them
In yours
“My church(or yours)”

Yesterday I was – as the supposed author – perhaps the most surprised at these two posts: “Going to church” and “My church(or yours)”

It is one of those things that seems classified as “liberal thinking” (because God would say so if He could – that He has (if I read the bible as you tell me)) – that non-attendance is in the same ballpark as that (wrong) theory of everyone being saved and going to heaven.

Both “theories” dismissed (as I read and hear) because being saved has to be more conditional than that.  That I will continue sinning and have a continuing need to confess my sins (even though forgiven before I even sinned) in church.  Which means that church attendance is tied up in a cycle of obligation – and non-attendance … ?  Harsh judgement:  I have cast aside my salvation and will be damned forever.  Loving judgement:  Probably still saved but now need to earn my salvation to your loving satisfaction.

The “PR” message is more innocent: “Going to church regularly, having a “home church”, a church life and a church community … that is just an “is” of desire for any Christian and follower.  You just need to find the right church (which is why there are so many varieties).”

Yet fellowship in this community of the internet is not the “is” of real church.  This virtual church is not really church at all.  More a hobby.  A distraction (albeit it may be a useful distraction for a while).  But I should find a worship gathering – a place of confession – a place of obligation and duty – a temple of stones – a place with a calendar – of services and preachers – of events and programmes – of good works and committees.

“So judge not those whom I see in my church just because you do not see them in yours.”

Why do we still cling to the old temples, the old laws, the old culture, the old covenant?  Why do we preach the greatest commandment of all – yet practice the “control and contain” lifestyle of religion?  Why do we save those who are unsaved – only to insist they live by our terms and conditions?  Why do we judge who is a good Christian and who is not – and just why is that so important?

Yesterday I was asked yesterday this: “So if your Jesus was not a phantasm or a fool then what was he, Paul?” And my answer?

“He” is whoever and whatever I wish “Him” to be.  Until I discover the reality of love.  Love that is the greatest “commandment” because love is the creation of kindness, the demonstration of freedom, the reality of community, and the foundation of all I now wish to be and become.   

“Judge not those whom I see just because you do not see them as I do.”

Is who I wish to be.



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