Let’s keep talking about “God”

Let’s talk about God

(comment extract)


tildeb, I am curious. What do you seek to do?

I seek to shock you. I seek to have you made aware that you are feeding a creation you have designed with what you presume in some way justifies love. You remind me of nuns who love their mental versions of the perfect man they call ‘Jesus’ to exclusion of living their own lives, having their own real relations with real people and instead live their artificial emotional lives entirely in their heads.

Be a loving person, by all means. Be kind and considerate and thoughtful, by all means. But stop attributing all this to a delusional stalker-like relationship you have created in your mind between you and the creator of the universe – a relationship that duplicates what otherwise would be diagnosed as a mental illness if directed to any other entity. You are justifying your beliefs by wrapping them in a love blanket and then attributing that love to reciprocal relationship that is entirely fictional. Your family deserves better from you than having this Harvey-like third entity (Harvey the six foot invisible white rabbit, you’ll recall) accompanying you but haunting them every time you interact with them.

Thank you. However, I find being shocked in these conversations almost impossible. You remind me of the fundamentalists of the same religions we both seem to agree on so much. I find they bang a drum of rightness, reject any alternative living, and insist that (because of their rightness) all others must agree with them. It is less shocking than frustrating because it is not “connection” – not relationship – it is a bullying.

As for “mental illness”. Stats tell me that around a third of the population will suffer mental illness at some point in their lives (and I think that is just the ones who seek help – others who see no need to be “helped” would probably add to the percentage). Yet I see a great “smoke and mirrors” in the attribution of “not normal”.

I see that many have a therapist, use the gym, use work, use hobbies – use so many things in so many different ways – to stay “normal”. Yet all those are deemed socially and culturally acceptable.

So when you assume that this stuff is an intrusion – a deception – a negative – you miss the alternative. That without this belief stuff I might not be the loving fellow my family love. I might be the workaholic (and have been), I might be a perfectionist (and have been), I might be unbalanced and out of kilter. And my family might just like the balanced calm accepting member of the family – and also accept the reasons for that. Because some are curious and some are not. But none are “haunted” (I know you will have to take my word for that – but that is the truth).

Mental health is important. Except I think we have a blinkered view of that as well. From what we have discussed in the past I recall you have a professional interest. For me “balance” has become the key to gentle living. And – for me – my relationship with “oogity boogity” or “Harvey” – or whatever disparaging name you prefer is a big part of that balance.

I do not wish you to believe as I do. I do not wish you to live as I do. I only wish to live in balance gently and with acceptance of all being sacred and all of the same value as me. So if you find something of value in this blog – then that is your finding and not my “religious working”. And if you find something that offends – then my question is “Why?”

Because I sense no desire for relationship – you seemingly have no apparent wish for connection. You – from what I read – only wish to tell me I am wrong – and to tell me why – and (I assume) desire to “shock me” into changing to believe more as you do.

But … I sense you come at this with belief rather than fact or science – the commenting I mean.

For the sensible thing would be to unfollow / not read / read and move on. Yet you invest in your comments – you give something of you in your comments. You bring your living and beliefs to your commenting (because mine do not sit well with you). So I see your commenting being driven of belief rather than fact.

For the fact is neither of us need invest any time in this virtual world – yet we both do. We both invest time here when we could both not invest time here. Because that investment is of belief. Does that not seem odd to you?

Is that any less of a mental illness than that of which you accuse me? And why should we be on “opposite” sides simply because one of us accepts “balance over labels” – and the other doesn’t.

(and I am going to work this brief correspondence into a post because your thoughts have prompted new thoughts in me – and isn’t that the fun of living – to find more in common than difference?)

I have no idea if any of this will sit well with you. And maybe that is less important than the impact your words have made on me. For I do not see your Harvey or Oggity-Boogity as a threat. Nor do I need you to agree with my name of Love or God Soft Hands Jesus or God or Jesus or Maker or … for my name for this “God” that offends you changes. I do not need you to agree with me.

But by your questions and comments, I find my God Soft Hands Jesus in you as well. For GSHJ is not a thing to me. It is a connection of love at a level where words don’t do it – but words are all we have – so words of misunderstanding will have to do. And you bring your words here through more than being right. You bring them here because you believe. And that is something else we have in common.

Thank you tildeb. Once again I find we are connected. And for me that is the balance of “balance”.


Let’s keep talking about “God”  🙂

4 thoughts on “Let’s keep talking about “God”

    • I always wondered why God just didn’t pop up do a miracle and prove He was and is God to doubters. The Pharisees demand proof. Satan also when temping Jesus demand Jesus prove Himself. Both times He refused. I find that trying to prove myself is a part of my own ego that sometimes refuses to die. But I am starting to understand it now. The truth was in front of them, but they didn’t care about the truth. What they cared about was putting themselves in the position of judge and jury, to see how high Jesus would jump. Another way to feed ego I suppose. Notice they all use the same MO accuses, judge, and condemn. Job, a rightousness man, even tried that one on God, “answer me God.” Didn’t work out so good for him either.


    • Denine – thank you. It has been a while I have missed your way of making words more than words:-)

      And that phrase below: “pop up and prove” has been echoing around my head. Echoes like “restraint” – a god of restraint. Power – a god of restraint. All the “usual” words I hear so often of this omnipotent god we must worship. This one who could smite us like a fly but chooses not to. And while the echoes echoed the words were not good.

      Until coming here this morning to admit defeat and use words that were not “good” – that did not do what is echoing inside still.

      And then sitting here and typing that first sentence, the words became good. In a flash, on this Sunday as so many prepare for worship assembly, the words became good.

      I have missed your way of making words more than words is the “good” in these echoes. That phrase is your gift! Thank you (and one post – our post – already being written in those echoes! the title?

      “When words are more than words”



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