When words are more than words


Worship assembly.  Hymns of praise.  Prayers of confession.  Words of God.  A service regulated.  A worship assembly organised.  An hour expected.  Heads to bow, hearts to lift, plates to fill.  A running order and a sermon prepared.  Welcome to church.

Yet this is not a church bashing.  A gift given by another is the reason:

“I always wondered why God just didn’t pop up do a miracle and prove He was and is God to doubters. The Pharisees demand proof. Satan also when tempting Jesus demand Jesus prove Himself. Both times He refused. I find that trying to prove myself is a part of my own ego that sometimes refuses to die. But I am starting to understand it now. The truth was in front of them, but they didn’t care about the truth. What they cared about was putting themselves in the position of judge and jury, to see how high Jesus would jump. Another way to feed ego I suppose. Notice they all use the same MO accuses, judge, and condemn. Job, a righteous man, even tried that one on God, “answer me God.” Didn’t work out so good for him either.”

Denine commented on the last post and her words rattled inside me: “pop up and prove” with the usual responses:

A God of power, a God of restraint, a God who could but chooses not to (yet), a God who could (but is saving it up for Judgement Day).  All that “Him up there and us down here” teaching.

Toe-nail worship I call it.

Tildeb calls my words an expression of mental illness.  The proof of my words is at odds with the proof he already has.  My words are at odds with the words of proof he pops up to prove he is right.  But when we talk together and allow words to be more than words

We hear something we cannot agree yet we share that thought with kindness so that it is received with kindness.
We hear someone struggling to find an answer that we already know, and allow that “journey” without shouting the answer.
We listen as one pours out pain and tribulation, and do not fix but only connect in compassion.
Even with strangers when kindness reciprocates kindness – when being right is less important than being kind.

I think that “when words are more than words” only happens when we allow kindness – because kindness is of love.  I think that when we pop up the words to prove “something” we don’t allow love and so we have no need for kindness.  Not unless we get agreement – we lose the desire for kindness when words are only words.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was with God in the beginning.” John 1:1-2  

Perhaps that is “why God just didn’t pop up do a miracle and prove He was and is God to doubters”.

It would just be words.


7 thoughts on “When words are more than words

  1. Paul, “It would just be words” I love the way you see. Helps me see it better myself. Seems I have had a life time of just words, (maybe that is all some have to give) but I could never understand the difference. Thanks Paul your words also a gift.
    Love how God creates His “Orchestra”

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  2. Denine, thank you. Your comments to Tildeb made me stand back and watch “gentle” in action, and then your comment to me allowed me to hear better.

    You are quite an orchestra! ❤️


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