Why self-care (and stand up paddling) is my priority

““Sit here and breathe,” would have been the best four words anyone could have said. “

Ripples from another pebble plopped in another pool. Ripples that move me in a way I find hard to explain.

So I won’t.

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My brother killed himself

photo_2017-10-09_16-07-07Today’s to-do list is shockingly long. Important stuff. Urgent stuff. Stuff that’s important and urgent, along with all the things that I need to cross off before flying back to the UK tomorrow.

But right now I’m not queuing up in the post office to pay bills, I’m not planning lessons and I’m certainly not editing the video to meet tonight’s deadline because as much as it’s important and urgent, it can wait.

Instead, I’m sitting at my favourite beach bar sipping a cappuccino as I watch the waves roll in only to fizzle out before reaching the shore. In a minute or two, I’ll pack my laptop away, grab my board and spend the next hour paddling, lost in my rhythmic strokes and the beauty around me.

Because what I’ve realised is that the sea is important to me. When I’m out on my board and thoughts spill from…

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