What can I do?

I usually keep this blog and Church Set Free separate (because why should you see one post “copied/pasted” into the other?).

Today I make an exception. Yesterday’s post: “Does he even exist” seemed to cause (a silent) offence. Except no offence was intended or even imagined. Yet even tildeb (who qualifies as a “non-believer” to most followers) saw something I had not.

So this reblog is an explanation – not written as that and not thought of as that until “after” (and with no offence intended again).



(and which is why comments are left open below both posts – here and in CSF)

Church Set Free

The End Times

I have seen the “end times” as a recurring theme in this community. So before writing any more I want to admit to a huge frustration with the topic of the “end times”.  Only because I am living in the “now times”.  I cannot live in the “end times” – only the “now times”.  The now times like today and a selection of news items scanned in less than 20 minutes.

The Nile(s).  Historically (and today) a source of water for several countries. Yet increasingly fought over politically. Population increase, commercial and industrial needs, waste and sewage dumping, political leverage within and across countries in that region.

Weinstein.  A power magnate sought and feted.  The “what goes in Hollywood stays in Hollywood” now a feeding frenzy of “what goes in Hollywood damaged me and I want the world to know”.  Yet another abuse of power accepted because…

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