A lesson in “why discipling”

Making disciples

Is a phrase often used in church circles. Because wasn’t it the final earthly breath of Jesus:- Make disciples and preach all the time.

I have found there to be a gap between the words and the reality 2000+ years later. The preaching thing seemed to get off the ground, but not the disciple thing so much. Perhaps because the preaching thing is actually quite easy. Take a few verses, wrap around some thoughts, splice in a little humour, hope the Holy Spirit comes along for the ride – and bingo!  Job Done.

But the disciple thing seems less popular.  Who has three years to give to anything that has no conclusion or goal or measurable objective.  We only have the whole of the New Testament to go from for that gig.  Plus it is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more than an hour of preaching every now and then.  Discipling seems to be for … ever!!!!

My own experience is that is seen as a sacrifice too far.  A good works that is not really doable.  And even if it was – just who is going to organise and run something like that? So we carry on preaching the Great Commission and telling everyone that we must all “make disciples” – whilst neatly avoiding the invitation to become one ourselves.

Which seems a tad odd to me.

“Wanna see how easy it really is, Paul?”

Would that be possible, dear GSHJ?

“Here’s a little “preaching” I prepared earlier … “

Church Set Free

There was a Man who provided a service. He was very knowledgeable, very experienced and very connected. He advertised, for how else would anyone know he even existed? He advertised in the places people would look for his services. And one day he received a distressed call. Someone who needed help. Someone let down by another “expert”. Someone who was paying the cost for the expert not being the expert he said he was.

This Man went to see the person in distress. And immediately saw why there was distress. The expert was indeed no expert at all. And the person in distress was right to be distressed. This Man listened to a tale of woe he had heard many times. He advised as he had advised many times. He took photographs as he had many times. But this Man could not make the past different. He could only make…

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