Sitting on the fence

Something in these past couple of posts and energetic comments boxes – has been a “wow” moment in my journey. I have found another reason for “Love is always the answer, now what is the question?”

“Am I right or am I right?”

Love is the yeast in a sack of flour, it is the light lit, and it is readily available right now  at no cost.  It is all those things I read in the bible – and much more than those things I read in the bible.  Love is always the answer is not the bible or any sacred text or even science.

Love is bigger than all – bigger than the bible, than all sacred texts, than religion and faith, than belief (and “unbelief” as well).  Love is bigger than the “need” to be saved and then fall into line.

“Where do you stand on this?”

To be called a Christian (or any faith, any atheist, any believer and non-believer) is to believe a certain set of words.  And in those words is the requirement that others believe the same set of words.  And in those words is a consequence for not believing those words.  And those that “believe” argue “Am I right or am I right?” and those that don’t “believe” argue “Am I right or am I right?”

“Am I right or am I right?” takes love and squeezes it dry.  It takes “science” and squeezes that dry as well. Duality is arranging a set of preferences and beliefs that says “Here is where I stand.” and the reality is “that stand” may be based on “fresh air” or “good science” – but is always squeezed dry in order to convince anyone listening (usually ourselves): “Am I right or am I right?”

And that means I cannot “believe” what you tell me without moving from one side to the other.  It is where “sitting on the fence comes from” (and why it is so despised by believers and non-believers alike: “wishy-washy!”).

“Am I right or am I right?”

I see Jesus being the great written example of “adding love”.  Because duality is demolished.  Being right or wrong is no longer “it”.  Every interaction recorded (and this is irrelevant to the “legitimacy of Jesus”) comes with love added.  And love does change everything.

The woman at the well.  The outcasts “unclean” though illness and neglect.  The pious icons – the buildings built and the rules writ – the cultural norms – the religious musts and must nots – the words of the bible itself … Every recorded interaction comes with love.

And love changes everything.  There are no preferences – no sacred cows.  If there was an injustice in love it was demolished with love – with: Here is another way.”

I have been asked a few times if I am a “Christian”.  It seems to disturb many “believers” and “non-believers” when I say no – but then continue to talk about the bible, about God, about God Soft Hands Jesus – about love.

It’s just that I find religion constricting.  I find creeds restricting.  I find I am disallowed (expected to disallow myself) from agreeing with those of a different belief (or “non-belief”).  I can read the bible and see great good (and bad).  I can talk with a Muslim and find much in common (and sometimes not).  I can read great science and be awed by the humanity (and it’s absence).

Without “love is always the answer”, I find every “belief” (or “non-belief”) to be just another badge of membership – meaningless.

and that word figures in the bible as well

“Am I right or am I right?”



3 thoughts on “Sitting on the fence

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  2. “So as sin ruled over all people and brought them to death, now God’s wonderful grace rules instead, giving us right standing with God and resulting in eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 5:21

    We get or have gotten it so wrong. But isn’t that really the point? He knew we would, do and did. Grace is really God’s “allowance” for getting it wrong. . . Yet somehow it gets twisted into we now must always be right. Quite the opposite of grace.
    Feels like I have been walking this fence all my life. Believers on one side telling me I’m doing it all wrong . Unbelievers on the others side trying to provoke me by poking me with a stick. Now it feels Iike Jesus is showing up say, “let get out of here and find something better to do.” Being “right” isn’t all we’ve made it out to be. Makes you into a human doing instead of a human being. And I don’t see what love has to do with ant of this. . Thanks for the help pointing me in a better direction, Paul! I’ve always preferred flying anyway.

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