To ask the why not

We have top of the range locks.  Ever since we were broken into, those top of the range locks are locked.  Almost two years we have had these locks.  And now, putting the key into the outside (at the front) is unlike putting the key into the inside (at the front).  The outside is reluctant – the inside acquiescent.  Top of the range locks should not have that differential.

The lock wants fixing!  My partner said.  But a locksmith on-site is a financial fright.

I gave it some thought with my layman’s brain.  Intuitive gut-feel often turns a wheel.  And a solution popped out without any doubt.  Both are no different except outside is weather – and the outside lock is wet, cold and weathered.

Any vaseline for your lips? I asked of partner.
Coconut paste – any good? She replied.

My layman’s brain saw no harm in that.  So keyed some onto the outside lock (and one to-hand key as well).

Knock me down with a feather. Said I.
The lock is fixed? Said she.
Seems to be. I said with glee.
Let’s try your key. And we did and it worked.

The morale of this tail (as all morality tales must) is the need for balance between “how, why and what” and the seeing of what’s to-hand and the asking “why not?”

For “why not” is not asked without some “how, why and what” – but too much means the “why not” is never asked at all.  I think “why not” has to have not yet enough “how, why and what” to even think to ask the “why not?”

Like “why not” God?

Because I get how this world works with incomplete “how, why and what”.  And I get that there are experts (and lots who are not).  I get that I’m the latter – a layman of all (and a master of none).  Yet I (we?) know enough to give it some thought (with a layman’s brain) and come up with “why not” to turn an intuitive-gut-feel-wheel.

The real experts of all – the master crafts(wo)men of knowledge and act – I have found “get intuition” more than those who are not.  I have found those who think they know it all invariably don’t.  I have found those that think they know it all invariably won’t.

“Why not?” I have found needs something more.  It comes from desire to let all be tall.  It comes of thinking “I don’t know it all”.  It comes from an absence – a possible hole in my whole – and a comfort with “Let’s see where this goes” – just like the “Why not?” fixed our outside lock (now nice and slick).

The other moral of this “Why not?” tale, is we can all say “Why not?”  It just takes more than the “how and why and what” – it takes (what I think of as) love for those we don’t.  That allowing of wrong (not yet right) …  Now just imagine The Consequence if we all did that with all.

I’m Paul

(thanks for reading)


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