Saving each other

There is something of a species past its prime in the air. A movement of a species that is fast becoming an institution of a species. A lean mean living machine becoming a disease riddled complacent “machine”.

There is something wrong about giving up on this planet I call home in favour of waiting for my personal death and a reward in heaven. That is past being arrogantly self-centred. That is losing any joy for living – that is rejecting the joy of life.

There is something wrong in those who marginalise a vast percentage of the population simply because their beliefs are different. Those who insist their belief in their “reality” is the only belief and reality we should all have. Those who believe either that God (of any description or definition) or science (of any description or definition) is the answer – and cannot even comprehend being in the same space as the other.

There is something wrong when both sides reject something called “love” as not being the answer to: Allowing those currently polarised to see a way to connect … Attempting to give all a reason for seeing good in opposing arguments … Understanding that on our death-bed we want to feel safe and loved and that our loved ones are safe and loved.

Church is driven by “saving” souls. Is driven by converting people – just like we convert our homes from one utility company to another. And when a soul is saved? The church’s work is done, and the social club takes over. Except being saved is to invite a supernatural being to dwell within. And if there is a God as defined, then there is Darkness as defined. A supernatural being of darkness. And plenty will attest to that. Just as plenty will attest to being saved as “not changing very much at all”.

Yet a door has been opened. An invitation to the spirit world has been offered. But the church considers its work done when each saved soul opens their own door and invites-in the spirit world. How self-centred and arrogant is that?

The secular world is driven by “saving wealth”. Is driven by the more the better, the bigger the better, the more I have the better. Just like the adverts says. Just like the marketing offers. Just like our bosses and those in power direct us.  We must all build a better future. And having opened the door of personal hope and aspiration their work is also done. Yet the door to despair and depression has also been kicked wide open. And plenty will attest to that as well.  Just as plenty will attest to being driven as “not changing very much at all”.

Yet a door has been opened. An invitation to the material world has been offered. Yet the first-world considers its work done when each saved soul opens their own door and invites-in the me-me-me world. How self-centred and arrogant is that?

I see reality right in front of my nose. I have “worked” with science that promised to change my reality – past present and future. I have “worked” with religion that promised the same. Neither are really interested in what happens after I accept the promise. Both expect I will fall into line and join the club. That is the reality of my beliefs.

My reality is my belief and I can change my belief – and my reality.

I can.

Not you or him or her. But me. I can change my reality. And there are plenty who will attest to having changed their own realities as well. It is what we all do: live in a reality of belief we can change whenever we wish. Which is why my reality of belief is love.

My reality is that we need a reason to change our own realities. We need support to not only change – but make the change stick.

For some that initial change comes through being bashed over the head with an intellectual stick.

For others it is being cuddled to comfort. For some it is hard facts. For others it is fuzzy faith. But that is only the beginning.

Making it stick needs to be in partnership with others. That is why there are so many clubs. And so many different rules. And so many walls built to keep us safe and you outside.

Yet we live in a world that is being exhausted of the resources we value so highly. All because of a belief in a reality. A reality that says more is better, and what I have I hold onto. The church is no different: bums on seats and the money that brings. Science the same: funding for research to bring a cure and a solution – money again. Politics no different – membership numbers mean donations means better marketing means more numbers.

And I am no different: I hold onto what I have because my family “needs” the security of our home, a car(s), food on the table(s), clothes in the wardrobe(s), holidays as reward for all the hard work …

And so to love. The juice that drives all of that. Whatever my end point my juice is love – love of myself, love of others, love of this planet, love of God, love of money, love of power, love of family, love of comfort, love of hardship, love of money, love of poverty.

So – in my weird way of thinking – if we can tap into love, we tap into that juice and find we have something in common. We find we can talk with each other, listen to each other, be in the same space as each other – come together to make this planet a place with enough “juice” to be here for our children and theirs.

But we have to start now – because the global clock is already fast ticking down.

And that is why, for me, love is the answer. Because saving this planet is actually us saving ourselves and all the diverse and different things we each love individually.

Now what is your question?


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