Now tell me again …

I heard that “guns are not the problem”.

I wonder if “cars are not the problem” is equally true.

Let’s see …

To get a driving licence requires training and a test of both the theory and practical. Whilst training as a pre-qualified driver the driver must have a licence, insurance, and be driving a roadworthy vehicle. An “L” plate must be visible with a qualified driver alongside at all times.

Once qualified the insurance is sky-high because stats say inexperienced drivers will make claims on their insurance and/or be the cause of claims.

There are penalties for driving without the appropriate licence, insurance and certificate of vehicle worthiness. There are laws that impose speed restrictions with fines and penalties for ignoring those laws. There are laws about “driving under the influence” of drink and drugs. There are laws about the quality of a driver’s eyesight. And all carry penalties for infringing those laws. Those penalties not only result in financial recompense – but also the loss of personal liberty – often losing the ability to carry on one’s livelihood – and sometimes losing “everything”.

And always carries a public stigma of irresponsible behaviour.

All because the accidental killing or injuring someone with a vehicle is calculated to be a high-risk.

Now tell me again how “guns are not the problem”


5 thoughts on “Now tell me again …

  1. To that effect both guns and cars are the problem. I’ve never understood either why it’s okay to be killed by a car. That was 40,200 last year for automobile and this is okay? Too, when it comes to guns it’s crazy people with guns that kill a whole lot of people. Perhaps they would use something else, but then again we would fight that one once it was upon us. There is no way one needs an AR-15 for personal protection.


    • Tom, it puzzles me. It puzzles me that we accept that many deaths for the personal freedom in our own metal bubble. It puzzles me that we accept something designed and built to kill does not come with even more safeguards (but does raise the most scary howling whenever “safeguards” are proposed)

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