Are You Living in Your Own Bubble?


Seems to me that the easy bit is “being right”. The tricky bit is “doing right”.

Science told me a long time ago that if my bubble is not growing, it is NOT staying the same – it is shrinking.  So I can shrink my bubble ever smaller … I can demand that you live in my bubble and obey my rules … or I can learn to acknowledge my own bubble  … or something I have learned that is now my truth: 

I can breathe more easily outside of my bubble.

“A bubble of belief” – paulfg (just me being curious)


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Recognize that you are not right about everything. You may be wrong. Or, partially wrong.  Or, it may have nothing to do with right or wrong.  Just different.  Different childhoods.  Different baggage people carry with them.  Different communities people live in.  Different experiences they’ve had.  Different shows people watch.  Different books people read.  Different temples people attend.

Having friends who are just like you, and dismissing those who are different, is no great accomplishment.  Indeed, it smacks of high school all over again.  So, now that you’re an adult, it’s time to recognize that you’ve got a cognitive bias.  What’s that? 

It’s making inferences about others from your subjective reality, but believing your opinions are the absolute truth.

“Are You Living In Your Own Bubble?” – Linda Sapadin, Ph.D





7 thoughts on “Are You Living in Your Own Bubble?

  1. My oldest daughter was very different from myself and my husband. She was/is very driven and professional minded. She was straight A student all the way through college. She recieved her masters degree in journalism and soon started working for the Chicago Tribune. She married a man just like her. Now and her husband both work hard, but also have entraveled all the world.
    I came from a very dysfunctional family. Grew up dyslexic and became pregnant with my daughter at age 16.


    • And though we are very different we love each other very much. I learned with her to allow. It took me awhile. We all think people should act and think like we do. But God makes us all different for the different purposes he had made us for. And just like your wrote here if you don’t allow or shut peoole out for being different you miss their gifts and what what they have to offer. Turns out I am a great mom, a faithful christian, a good friend, I am very artistic, and I love and accepted others without judgement because I know like to be judged, to be rejected and to be labeled by people who don’t take the time to kmow and truly value others. That’s okay I find it weeds out a lot of people that don’t deserve me.

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      • What beautiful words, Denine. Just as a bouquet of fragrant blooms, or the smell of freshly cut grass, or a picture that connects without words – your writing is all of those and more.


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