Redefining counter-intuitive

A man born of love not yet even a child is The Universe.  Every need served and serviced.  No conscious thought of time and space.  All is The Universe.  Engorged nipples, gentle wind, sleep, defecating, wide eyes, warm skin, beating heart, an empty bladder, sound of familiar voice, gentle rocking … The Universe “is” … the man not yet a child “is” The Universe..

And as man not yet a child weaned – hearing “no” expressed with love – this not yet a child grows as a person and shrinks equally within The Universe.  Now less served and serviced – now the waiting and the others.  This man now child enters school and continues to grow and The Universe continues to shrink equally.  More waiting and more others – now more serving and service: those stronger, more articulate, swifter of repartee, those untroubled by “social niceties”.  The child grows stronger yet moves further from the centre of The Universe.  And this man now a teenager connects with other Universes and moves yet further still from the centre of The Universe.  This man now a man grows in equal proportion to the shrinking.  Each grows in size yet shrink inside their own growing The Universe.

I think as I grow I shrink.  I must shrink or else I am not growing at all.

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Of course, the world is far more than what we embrace as reality no matter how much we think the universe evolves around us. T.F. Thompson (comment under “Are you living in your own bubble?”)

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I have read and been taught the bible: The must become a child.  The must be the least of all.  The first must become last.  All of that must burden stuff.  And it is always taught as an aspiration of religious intellect rather than a reality of life.

Until Tom’s comment above …

I am birthed of universe.

I am birthed of creation.

I am birthed of unconditional love.

And yet as I grow bigger I become smaller.

I serve more as I am served less.

As I become the first I become the least.

I am the first become least simply by my living.  My universe expands as I grow, and as my universe expands I become smaller physically yet I am The Universe still.  Time and Space become my reality as I shrink.  Yet they are realities only in my mind.  I am The Universe still, and I am all.  Yet I think I am not.  I think I am not worthy.  I think I must be saved.  I think I must be the first and never the last.  And I look in the mirror and confirm my belief of my world through my belief of The Universe: I am least!

Without ever reading a bible I am the first become last.

It is my nature.  It is my reality.  And who is my neighbour?  All within The Universe.  All who breathe and have breathed.  And who is God?  I am for I was God when I was born and am still within.  I am still me and God is still within as I both grow bigger and shrink smaller.

And only now – on the periphery of my own “The Universe” – can I look around and see that time and space don’t matter.  Only now can I see I am still the God of my first few months of womb and ex-womb living.  See now that being God is not being served.  That being God is not to control from the centre.  That being God is not “to control” anything (except perhaps me).

It is to become smaller and further from the centre … the more I grow and the more I know and don’t … is to be still of all time and all space … for I was and am still.

And, it seems to me, the (taught) pursuit of power, the (taught) need to be right, the (taught) chasing of success, the (taught) climbing to get higher, the (taught) look after number one, the (taught) me me me …  THAT is the “counter-intuitive” … THAT is not who I am … THAT is who I am taught to be …  THAT is the teaching that is “counter-intuitive” because THAT taught knowledge keeps me from being who I am  – THAT teaching keeps you from being who you are – and each of us being as one together in who we really are.

The “first must become least” is not a “burdensome religious aspiration”.

It is who I am.

T.F. Thompson

Thank you  ((hugs))



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