Pick a premise – any premise …


The Blue Planet II

“They think” life might have begun – started – been created – evolved in the deep depths of the oceans.  Oceans which are not quite “connected – disconnected” to the inner core of Very Hot Stuff.  Very Hot Stuff which explodes into the deep sea along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge – a ridge which circles the planet like a “gigantic tear here” dotted-line.  A “ridge” which (if it was above the deep) would be called “a mountain range” – and would be climbed – have flags stuck in its peaks – have climbing seasons – have all sorts of measurements taken.  There would be “death zones” and “best routes” and “touristical expeditions”.  But not in the deep. In the deep it is all one great big death zone.

Anyway – these hot gases “they think”

Life lives and births and dies in a complex existence in the deep.  All very toxic, all very dangerous, and all very hostile to you and me.  Indeed, to any form of life not suited and adapted for that “deep complex environment”.  But not “they say” (and had video to prove it) to this well-suited and much-adapted complex living and birthing and dying in the deep.

“They think” life might have begun in a hot gas environment like this.

Why don’t I have any compunction to shout out “NO!  You are WRONG!  God did that – the bible days so”?  Why was I transported in wonder and awe – without a single clear thought (until now)?  Why when “they think” life began this way billions of years ago do I have no urge to rear up and yell “NO!  YOU ARE WRONG!  GOD DID THAT!  IN THE GARDEN!  ADAM & EVE!  THAT IS HOW LIFE BEGAN!”?

Why … ?  For one reason only.

“They think” applies not just to Blue Planet II … but to a lot of science … to almost all the bible … to all of God … to all of no-god … and to almost everything we “know we know” (and then find out we didn’t know at all).

But mostly because I think that “they think” is really cool!

“They think” lead to me watching the Blue Planet II in awe and wonder.  It lead to me typing these words here and you reading them there.  “They think” is how we can do so much – and know so much (and not-know so much) – it is how we can change so much – and how we can be so much – and STILL end-up back where we began!

“They think” is the only thing we find the further we go back – the one thing that is the certain thing we all find – because we all find ourselves saying “they think”“I think” … because not knowing is the beginning AND the end.

And that is another thing we ALL have in common.

I watch the Blue Planet II and think it makes sense of the bible.  It makes sense of creation.  It makes sense of science.  It makes “sense”.  It marries what “they think” with what “they don’t think” – what “they know” with what “they don’t know” – with what I think and might think and used to think and don’t think any more and do think what I never used to think.

They think is a magical phrase, a connecting phrase, a unifying place to live.  It is a phrase which allows (if we each allow).  And THAT is why I watch in awe and wonder:

“They think” is not an attack – it is an invitation to explore together.

If I allow.


14 thoughts on “Pick a premise – any premise …

  1. The next step is to ask, “Why do ‘they’ think this.” And this is the introduction to understanding that not all ‘they’ are worthy of confidence, not all that is presented as ‘they think’ has knowledge merit, that there are compelling reasons to place confidence along a spectrum of probability and likelihood. Understanding this spectrum and where to place confidence of what ‘they think’ is essential to critical thinking, to better understanding that how one places this confidence determines the knowledge merit of what ‘they’ think.

    Yes, it’s an invitation to explore together but it is not a license to turn wishes into facts. It is an invitation to accept certain common ground about how to explore a common reality together and not a means to insist that what one imports is worthy of equivalent knowledge merit by fiat.


    • Hi tildeb. You never fail to deliver: pick the bones that support your premise and ditch the rest.

      Exploring is “exploring”. If you know what you are looking for it is not exploring. And if you always end up back at “I/they think” then you don’t always find what you are looking for – and that is exploring.

      “Wishes into facts” … (do you never see the humour in and what and how you write?) 🙂

      The fact of no-god is not a fact any more than the fact of God is not a fact either. But we do have the planet and each other to heal. That is a fact.



    • tildeb, I really do think we have more in common than difference. Is there any way we could find that common ground without me having to agree with you being right first?

      I am pleasantly surprised that you read these words, thank you. Seeing as you are investing your time already in reading and commenting – isn’t there anything we could explore together without one of us having to be the leader and the other doing what they are told? You know what I think of many things. That does not mean you know all there is to know.


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