Pick your premise

Several times in these posts and elsewhere “Love is always the answer” has been questioned.

Sometimes it is because love is not enough – the rules are necessary.  Sometimes it is because being right is the answer – love is just an emotion, just a fleeting feeling.  Or it is framed as a question: But what is love, what kind of love, what depth of love, what “measure” of love, what “action” of love?

It is questioned by those who write as Christians and those who don’t.  “Love is always the answer” seems to resonate and irritate in equal universal measure.

Which, for me, is just more evidence that we all make our evidence – that we all impose our premise on “the evidence” and call it “THE evidence”.

Premise: I am right.  Evidence:  always supports my premise.  Consequence:  I am  right.

So “being right” is rarely about THE evidence (like THE bible – as it is used so often) and is why I have consciously chosen my premise:

Love is always the answer.

I even think it might even be why Jesus said love is the greatest commandment (but I would think that – that is my “THE evidence” because of my “THE premise”).

And I have chosen my premise because with supporting evidence (obviously):
* Love is not “measured” – love “is”.
* Love is not “this or that kind” – love is.
* Love is not “wishy-washy” – love is.
* Love is not one answer, love is not the right answer, love is not the wrong answer – * Love is THE answer.
* Love is – like breathing – like a heartbeat – like going on when there is no reason to do so – like helping when reason says don’t – like speaking out when reason says be silent – like all that “stuff” of reason that reason says not to.

All because of inequalities in love.  All because each is sacred and each matters as much as any other.  Bible or no bible – God or no god – sacred text or no sacred text – religion or no religion – faith or no faith – seeing inequalities in love AND what love can do and does is “evidence” of my “premise”.

Which is why I don’t “get” why Love is is not the best premise to carry.  Especially for those whose evidence is the bible …

* Why would you think that love is NOT the premise God and Jesus might choose?
* Why scour the bible to find verses that say “Love is NOT the answer”?
* Why would anyone would want to pick a premise that says:
* The truth can be cruel – so I must be.
* Being right is essential – so I must be.
* Telling people they are wrong is a kindness to them.
* Kindness is an indulgent luxury.
* I will not indulge you or me.
* The bible says so.”

Indeed the bible does (if you look for it).  The bible says anything you want it to say (if you look hard enough).  So my question is this:

Why would you even choose to look for that?

Thank you.


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