This too shall pass

I have been pondering today: “Why the poetry … ?”  And today I finally found the answer!

>>> If you missed the last few posts, have a quick flick back – or this will make even less sense than usual.

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Each year (around this time) this time of year catches me by surprise.

Summer all wrapped up in happy memories and pictures.  Autumn with us.  The joy of Christmas closer every day.  And November is a happy birthdays month.  And our  anniversary month.  Yet …

“Why this weariness?” I mutter.  There is too much good stuff – I shouldn’t be weary-weighed-down.  And the guilt.  What have I been doing that I shouldn’t?

Is that even a sensible question? I am me – I know what I have been doing and not been doing!  I think.

Yet … weary-weighed-down is real.  And the questions rattle.  The answers are supposed to listen and “answer” – but apparently not my answers.  And then finally!

At last the “light goes on”!

Every year, around this time, my body “adjusts”.  I have no idea if that is even science.  But I know my body.  Every autumn when the season changes, the change leaves me weary-weighed-down.  And then I remember the SAD light that sits (a little dusty) on a shelf.  That bad boy is BRIGHT!  So bright it actually hurts the back of my eyes (which is why it is a little dusty).

And every year when I finally remember – it is a HUGE RELIEF!

This too shall pass might sound dramatic – but we each have to live in the body we were given. And my body is most deffo not a temple.  And I don’t get why people think their body is a temple. I never have.

We went on a trip to Austria, and a colleague wanted to visit an art gallery showing famous pictures by famous artists (so famous I can’t remember who they were – but all of them long dead – obviously).  And why I remember that now … ?

The gallery was full of slow-moving peeps.  All ages and sizes.  Yet all was complete hush and reverent silence.  All with eyes concentrating on “art”.  All with minds cowed by the splendour. You could probably hear a pin drop (I have no evidence as I had no pins on me).

And that combination of obligatory reverence and religious awe ALWAYS flicks my naughty switch.  Always!

I can actually feel the switch flick – actually feel the “naughty juice” flowing into every cell!  We left soon after – both giggling like little children!  No respect for the dead (artists)

Maybe that is why my body will never be a temple – or maybe I just can’t remember that my body could be a temple (if I had a memory).

Either way – the seasonal tradition of understanding why I am weary-weighed–down always lifts that weariness simply through the knowing.

That is joy (and this too shall pass)!

– – – – – – – – –

“”This too shall pass” is originally a Persian adage reflecting on the temporary nature, or ephemerality, of the human condition. The phrase seems to have originated in the writings of the medieval Persian Sufi poets, and is often attached to a fable of a great king who is humbled by the simple words.” Wikipedia



2 thoughts on “This too shall pass

  1. I was following a pastor for awhile who preached much about the dying to self….as if the finality of our dead flesh would result in one being totally unaffected by life???
    I decided that sounded more like the a state of eternal death.

    I see doctors describing pills left and right, so we can all stop feeling.

    I have also decided that most people on medication are not crazy, but are surrounded by it. How else can one endure the things they shouldn’t?

    I see psychopaths and a like have mastered unfeeling. How freeing, how cold….. how cowardly..

    Someone can’t truly be a live and not feel? Jesus wept, turned over the tables of the money changers, sweat drops of blood, and ask “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? .”

    All part of living and loving in this world. …We are allowed or at least we should be…

    And it does pass..


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