I woke with wonder as yet undefined
The darkness of night.
I woke not knowing the why or what
Inside burning bright.
I woke when I shouldn’t too early yet
Yet so very very right.
Yet so very very light.

And as consciousness kicked in and a coffee sipped hot
The usual gloomy hope
My living binding rope
Kicked in with the coffee and eyes now sharp and bright
I wrote almost by rote
Gloom groomed with gloom soap.
Why all that gloom-hope crap after waking with wonder
Is that how I cope
My living binding rope?

I am awake with wonder to not be defined
The awesome of it’s alright.
I am awake not knowing the why or what
Just this feeling so right.
I woke when I did – that’s not right or wrong
Unless I name it blame
And blame it on …



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