Seek and make neat?

The best bit was the deep pressure up my spine line with a fore-arm taking over for a push into my shoulder, with a pull back and down … no – no that was great, but the best bit was my feet: kneading my feet, the soles of my feet!  But no – the very best bit was my shins and the lightest pressure running down to my ankles – but WHOA … what is that on my kneecap … that is the best … ahhhh nuts!  That kneading the back of my neck into the back of my shoulder blades and then up into the hair line … that is …

Wait a minute – just how many “best bits” are there?

I was given the treat of a massage this weekend. This one was a Swedish massage. Until this massage I had thought all massages were much alike. The skill of the masseur is obviously crucial – as is the connection between me and the masseur: the right pressure – the wrong pressure – too little as unsatisfying as too much.  Some were great.  Others not so great.

But I cannot remember a massage like this one. In other massages the bit getting worked on was the star:

“Oh yeah baby – look at me! I am the man! I am in heaven! Oh yeah – do it to me one more time!”

While the rest of my body was calling out “Me, me, me – my turn – not that bit: Me, me me!”

But this time?  The rest of my body was applauding!

“Oh I say, isn’t this just too marvelous for words? Bravo!  Well done old boy!  Good show!  Enjoy, dear heart – no rush at all!  Oh I say – isn’t this just simply splendid?”

How does that even happen?

I looked it up afterwards. Swedish massage is push and slide: “It involves a series of long yet gliding strokes.”

Other massage types have been “knead and nibble” or “seek and destroy” – where my body becomes a set of “muscles” that becomes a bunch of “string” that should be all neat and tidy.  So all those naughty knots need to be neat and tidy (all in less than an hour usually).  And those massages are wonderful (usually).

But after this weekend “push and slide” beats “seek and make neat” by a country mile.  It was like EVERYTHING was connected!

– – – – – – – – –

I think the Body of Christ and the House of God have a lot to learn.

I know I just did!


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