The Motherhood of God.

Written at the request of the Pastor of the Wayside chaple( Wesley) in Potts Point Sydney.

The Motherhood of God.


Refrain added. (C)  Edited 31/07/2000


Mother God, Mother God,

Show us your Face, Mother God.

Let us see you smiling when the moon is full again.

Remind us of your constant love,

Mother God.


God is Mother too,

She created us to love us tenderly,

To dandle us on Her knees and cradle us in Her arms.

To caress us in our places

With Her strong but gentle breeze.

God is Mother too,

She created us that we might be family,

To join Her in the morning raising the dawning

Setting atoms vibrating;

In her strong and constant breeze.

God is Mother too,

As her family, she begs us to be just.

To love the stranger as our brother, just like us!

To let the Kookaburra cackle mightily

In Her strong and noisome breeze.

God is Mother too,

She knows Her children will be wayward –

And hate the stranger; kill the brother, just like us!

Will act cruelly to those with fin and paw

In the strong and fearsome breeze.

Be glad that God is Mother too!

Hers is the hand, which produced the Rainbow,

Hers the tongue that bartered with Abraham,

Hers the mouth that spoke us Jesus,

The strongest, bravest, Son of his Mother.

Andrew  James Blair circa 1999 revised 30th August 2004


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