The windows to your soul

I had an eye examination today.  The ophthalmic profession wanted a proper “look inside”.

Drops and a wait. More drops and another wait. The pupils need to dilate.  The wider the better.

And then there is the equipment.  A light and a lens from the other side.  My head on a chinstrap.  My forehead against a restraint.  No movement please.

And then there is the examination.  Look straight ahead.  Look up.  Look down.  Look right.  Look left.  Look up right.  Look up left.  Look down right.  Look down left.  Look straight ahead.

My eyes always feel as though they have done a marathon by the time the consultant is satisfied.  And at some point that old saying always rattles around my head …

Your eyes are the windows to your soul.

God never seems to have this much trouble.

And it isn’t as painful either!


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