It’s not fair

I keep hearing how it’s not fair …  “They” are taking Christmas from us.

Can’t even use that word “Christmas”.  Can’t talk about the baby Jesus.  Can’t put on a traditional school play.  Can’t do this and can’t do that.  Nor can we be too joyful because there are the homeless and poor.  And we can’t sing too loudly because there are those who are grieving.  None of us should really enjoy ourselves too much because we might upset someone by me enjoying myself too much.  That will offend those who are in a different place, a different religion, a different “anything” …

I have heard many of the “offended” speak.

Who never knew they had been offended – who would have taken offence had they known they should be offended – but are now very offended at being assumed to be a “them” who are different and should be treated as a “them” who are not us.

I hear many who are hurting.

They hurt more when we “normal people” treat them differently – treat them like damaged goods – look at them as not strong enough to smile – tell them they are different – they are not one of us. They are “them” to be pitied.

That is offensive on so many levels.

But more than that –

The “complaining “ I hear from those who “simply want to enjoy a traditional Christmas” and are offended at being told they cannot by “them”

“Them” are not “them”.

“Them” is “us”.

And “us” is –

You and Me

Don’t know about you, but I cannot be less human in December than I was in November or will be in January.  In fact I may be more aware of me being me and you being you in December than I am in November and January.

Because if I am not, that says nothing about “them”

And everything about me.


I have just taken delivery of a new suit …


Snazzy or wot!!!



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