How can a “loving God” …


been cruising the blogs
been bruising the cogs
been perusing the logs
been spotting the splinters …

How can a loving God allow this … allow that … How a loving God assign so many to … hell … How can a loving God allow so many to be … fried?

I am a father.

I am familiar with the cry of a child responding as children can: “I hate you!” The venom of one who thinks “no” is a word only they can use. The pain of one who cannot manipulate their way out of consequences.

I am a grandfather.

I am familiar with the curiosity of one who has no awareness of “consequences”.  Who has yet to learn that “no” can be their word too.  Who has yet to realise the power of emotional blackmail and loving manipulation.

I am an adult.

I am familiar with Christians who think God controls everything.  Who worship God so He doesn’t say “no” too often.  Who expect the consequences of being a good Christian to be a good eternal life.  Who obviously sends non-(good)-Christians to hell.

I am not God.

But if I were I might give you a hug and whisper this …

”Grow up.”


The End




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