Choice to choose – windows


Through the windows of my eye
I can see how I could cry.
These streaks blurring my vision
This cold making me all indecision.
All cold and uninviting outside
The despair of winter unbeautified.

I would call these my tears for me and you
These sleety salty streaks –

Blurring my view.



Through the windows of my eye
I look outside all snug on my inside.
The wonder of snow, its beauty of yesterday
Now watery and slushy and all washing away.
The cold season of winter re-beautified.
The season of re-newal so justified.

I don’t see these streaks as “tears” at all
They’re the excitement of winter –

Our Christmas call!




6 thoughts on “Choice to choose – windows

    • We have never been very predictable with weather. But increasingly less predictable in my lifetime – moving from mild winters and summers to more “assertive weather” all over the spectrum.


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