What is JESUS 12 December 2017

While waiting for my wife to emerge from the Endocrinology Clinic, last Thursday,the Spirit whisked me to the river Stix; Where I stood and waited for the Boatman,because my God is  dead.

That God is dead is a theme from my young days, God must be  dead because?

Having my Tablet with me I contemplated Trinitarian doctrine as I wondered who died on the cross. Was it a human being named Jesus, a God named Son,neither or both? I Google the question and came upon all the speculations  upon the Nature of Christ, how many he had,what and how they were. PERFECT man and PERFECTLY DIVINE,fully human and fully DIVINE, a Schizoid muddle of earth and stars going no where fast.

Did he know who he was, really I mean, Luke records that at 12 he had to be about his father’s business but if God is his Father and he is God,too, what separation existed between God and God that one did the business of the other? What if Jesus, being intimately aware that there is One God,was busying himself as a young scholar in service of his deity?

Not a God or a Son of God but a heightened Spiritual being with the purpose to serve.

And the Angel declared unto Mary that she would have a ghost of a time and conceive a child out of wedlock with one X chromosome and no Y. What is this? Well unless the ghost was a little more in his skin than out of it and possesed the full compliment of the gender alphabet, there was not a Y chromosome and Jesus was no PERFECT man but a thing, an anomaly.

Was Joseph his father, would solve the silly exactomundo musings that surely will have me paying the Boatman sooner than I might. Since how can God beget a Son,without a wife? Does God have a Mother, since what begets is begotten, well yes,her name is Mary, both Mother and wife oops.

When our Scriptures present us with mystery that is what it is, a marvel which wonder and impact is lost when we attempt to puzzle away the miracle. Our forebears sifted every scrap of the Word, Jesus’ words,and presented us with an egg salad of creeds and dogma, teaching, dismembering both the mud and the Stardust to present us with trinity and desperate Catechists, as once was I,attempted to teach children that 1×3 is 1. To draw the wreaths and the Venn diagrams to show that God is One and 3 different Personalities, one that bilocates  one that haunts and another who Fathered the misbegotten bunch. God is One alone who says what gods say and perhaps the other two are more Platonic than heavenly.

There was a man called Jesus…

Br FrancisClare 

9 thoughts on “What is JESUS 12 December 2017

    • Hi Scott, not offensive but did we need to find a word to box God In? Well being human and often faithless we seem to need to create the God of our own understanding, pin God to a dart board and play hit and miss untill we get a double top and satisfy ourselves that we have God sorted

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      • Okay. I think I get what you are saying. Is it that the word Trinity is only a small concept of God? I guess I can see His singularity in it. I also feel without this concept how do you explain that Jesus is God?


        • Jesus says so many times in the Scriptures especially in John where he says YHWH(I am) the bread of life. There are so many such sayings, I htink Don Merritt has an article on his blogsite- not to mention that I and the Father are one.
          Aramaic Bible in Plain English
          “And no man has gone up to Heaven except he who went down from Heaven: The Son of Man – he who is in Heaven.” is my favourite.
          We don not really have to or need to explain since belief in the Triune One and the relationships within It comes by faith. Trying to explain this mystery to one without faith – unless giving a Lecture of some type on the subject- is impossible.

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