Burning yet unconsumed. written 2005


Written on Pentecost Morning 2005


Behold! The Cross of Christ before me,

Burning yet unconsumed.

Its sacred Holy ground no shodden foot may tread.

I am just below there, a witness out of time.


Up through grass green knoll it rises,

True axis of all time.

The Lord of Glory hangs there.

Surveying all the world through smoke and fire

Which burns not Him?

No! It burns not Him.


Further out in limbo hangs the corridor from Hell.

Its roof runs way above it, its sides the elements


And Christ with face of snow and rock,

From hallowed hell,

Comes fleeing down the years.

Unto the cross again.

Burning yet unconsumed.



Behold! I stand and see him.

Coming to Golgotha again.

His face a shadowed skull

His eyes both sunk in pain.

 For all the years; and wars long since

The Son of Man was razed.

Make as nought His loss and pain and un- hallowed

Hell regains.


Why to me this vision stark?

The saviour turns aside to me and points me to the


For I must walk the corridor to the gates of death

and hell.

For it is of my own making.

It is my own thinking.

My fear, doubt, and burning pain,

Have spontaneously combusted me.


I am burning yet unconsumed.

With naked foot the grassy knoll, I tread.

The trail to my un-hallowed hell I walk.


There inside my heart’s dread core I find my

Saviour’s Love

All my fears, dreads, and woes..

No more me follow round my mind.

No more me hold in deaths dark dread.

But to the light are brought and sought.

For long before any clock  had struck my Lord had

hallowed me.

Andrew James Blair © 15th May, Pentecost 2005

Image: ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN FAITH AND LIFE. 2017. Remove The Sandals From Your Feet « ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN FAITH AND LIFE. [ONLINE] Available at: https://orthodoxcityhermit.com/2015/10/12/poems-the-earth-writes/. [Accessed 19 December 2017].

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