"Reminds me of Trisha Yearwood's song...I don't paint myself into corners anymore! Me either baby! Me either!" class="_mi _25 _3w _2h" src="

Original Image ” Astudy in Red’ by Daniel Nelson-Graphic designer & founder of From up North. Adapted by Andrew December 2018


Cornered, the paint still wet on my brush!

Backed in & halfway about,

My mind without!

All my senses on vacation,

Witless nonsense, my mushy mind rears its sluggish self

To find I had left me on the shelf!



Filed away, under stupid.

I stooped to read me from the shelf.

How small I had become.

How pale & wan against the paint…

Still wet on my brush.


All my senses on vacation,

I do not perceive the candle I hold is not one for illuming.

One second longer I behold it in my hand.

And then the explosion splatters me with all the paint

Right from out of my corner!


How I need a vacation,

Somewhere to go to gather the woolly strands of mind,

Out from off the hedges of time.

Somewhere the air is fresh without any corners to trap my

Unthinking mind.

Andrew Blair 13/07/2006

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