End year end times

Last day of 2017.

I wonder … all these “end times” yearnings, tea leaf readings, biblical interpretations …


Tomorrow is the last day of 2017.  There is nothing anyone can do to change that.  It will happen.  And after that?  Another night and another day.  We will call that the first day of 2018.

The same thing happened in 1999.  It was a Friday.  The other side of another weekend.  People said computers would stop working, planes would fall out of the sky.  The only thing that did happen was Saturday 1st January 2000.

Tomorrow is an event because we made it an event.  We named it, counted it, sized it, fixed it.  The same unnamed thing happens time after time – day after day – week after week – month after month.  But tomorrow we will party. Because we made it an event.

The End Times no different for me.

My end times may happen tomorrow or some point before or after.  What do I gain yearning, tea leaf reading, life expectancy interpreting?  How would that make my today better?  How would that make my loved ones today better?  And how would that change me for the better or worse?  How much my loved ones?  And how much would I not do, not be or not become … and how much would I become that I would not – should not – otherwise?  And how much my loved ones?

The End Times …

Will someone please tell me why … ?


4 thoughts on “End year end times

    • A “soul” invention?

      Your comment brought to mind all the arguments over creation: 6 (timed) days … or (timed) evolution (or not) … the two thousand (timed) years) … the three (timed) days … all these (timed) concepts we tie-up ourselves in untying. All taking (timed) time, and all simply tying more knots with not much else the result.

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