I got given God


I got given God


When I was born I did ever so well
Me a wee scrap knowing only the Yell
The Yell was all I needed because then
Mum and dad always came running when
The Yell was yelled for no food yes pooh pain
And the Yell was quieted with good food no pooh pain.
I never had God I had the Yell
And with the Yell I did ever so well.

Then I learned the Smile although quite by mistake
But the Smile and the Yell together worked great.
The Yell got their attention and the Smile was their reward
If I’d quit right then I’d have ruled the whole world.
But the Word came next and that’s when everything changed
The My Turn soon followed and I became quite unhinged
All of a sudden I had to wait till My Turn always in a while
If I’d known that was “progress” I’d have stopped at the Smile.

Along with the My Turn came words after word
And soon after that the Never Being Heard.
The Word is something the Education requires
Which requires the Firm No to counter the Smile
The Education is work and tiring and taxes the brain
The Word seems an unnecessary non-essential strain.
In the beginning was the Word the bible says
But the Yell and the Smile is what came first I says.

And so with the Word I got given God
But before the Word I was already a God
Just the Yell and the Smile made me that God
It was when I got the Word that I was no more a God
When I got given God as the Word I was no God at all.

And that isn’t fair
Is it God?


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