“A complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that that thing or person is improved.”
Cambridge Dictionary

I recently watched a news item about our National Health Service, NHS. The word “transformation” caused a management consultant great amusement.  Management consultancies are big business in the NHS …

“The NHS spent £640 million on private sector management consultants in 2014, up from £313 million in 2010. The new figure, obtained by Professor David Oliver in a Freedom of Information request, shows that, contrary to the government’s 2010 vow to reduce the external consultancy costs, management consultants at the NHS are having a “field day”. Whether or not external consultants actually add long term value, still remains an open and hotly debated issue. “
Consultancy UK

The reason for his smile?  Transformation is an open cheque-book: nothing is off-limits  (as the definition of transformation requires everything to be available to be “transformed”).  Public “service” is old school.  Public “service” is antiquated and costly and inefficient.  As for “public” service funding?  That is the fault of the politicians (influenced by the very public demanding this “free” service but not wanting to “pay” for it).  So there is never enough funding.  And the very people this health service is for have become its stumbling block.  The “public” are now the problem.

Transformation“so that a thing or person is improved.”

I have a strong sense that we like to make people things (so long as we remain a person).  That we like “transformation” (so long as not too much is expected of me). That transformation is a business model (rewarding those initiating transformation at the expense of those suffering it).

These “transformational” messages are all over the place.

(cue religion)

“being saved” … “science” … “being right” … “you are wrong” … “prove it” … “you can never prove that to me” … “sinner” … “original sin” … “washed clean” … “washed clean with blood” … “saved by grace” … “evolution” … “creation” … “all are welcome” …

I am not a fan of transformation.

I prefer “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” I have found that to be true of things and people.

People are rarely broken.  People are more often scared.  Occasionally paralysed by fear.  Usually quick to recover with a helping hand.  People are resilient.  Very resilient.  It takes a lot of sustained effort to break a person.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

I see a God Soft Hands Jesus who sees evolution as creation and creation as evolution … who sees science as love and love as science … who sees people who need fixing not transforming … who sees people fixed simply by walking their own journey (and without a drop of “transformation” from others) … I see a GSHJ who sees strength and purpose and affection and respect and love in those called “sinners saved but by grace” by others.

I see a GSHJ who disagrees with much we believe on this small planet (we all take for granted).

I think we like to think God likes “transformation”.

I am less sure.


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