And gold was found in Havelah

The Tapestry of Life.

This brownish corner of Tapestry, see, hear

Hangs next my bed on the wall with no cheer

Swinging in the breeze that slips under the door.

Telling me stories I’ve  heard all before.

The tapped estuarine of the lacklustre river

dripped morosely into the cup of negation,

drop by drop, hour by hour,

until my cup was full.

O life is dull! And I am pale,

dusty, tired of waiting,

for the minutes to tick by

until there are no flies on my nose anymore.

Whether more shall I find me beside

Water so dirty and thick,

Flowing like treacle,

Tasting as mud.

The flies all a buzzing my nose in their sights,

I sit with the spider and await hunger

To lift her legs high and sink her fangs deep

In the flies that bother my nose.

The estuary is dry, river no more

Sand sliding slowly, its grainy way down

Into the bottle of high expectations

Half full or half empty – answer me now!

Grass green is the corner I see

As the tapestry swells in the sweet summer breeze,

Water wells gently, lapping  my feet,

Springing so spritely into china so fine

As any that seraphim protected from me.

Our angels protect us when

Careless we grow, going to the water

With grandma’s good china to bear home the bounty

That water which rushes, our cup flowing over.

My broken cup is full again that’s optimism!

Yet why has the water run away from my lips?

And why has the china become dust on the carpet?

For I have opened the floodgates of Eden

And the Lord God is ready to make Adam again.

The snake is in the garden so lush and so green,

The apples hang red on the tree growing there

In the middle of the Garden,

Lushly forbidden

Look! Eve is a-coming to begin all over again.

And gold was found in Havelah


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