A love of choice

Captain’s log …

A strange phenomena was observed today.  Something that is becoming an infrequent but regular occurrence.  Yet is something that remains worthy of note each time.

This morning I was relaxing with a small child hereafter referred to as “grandson”.  Having overnighted in our starship, “grandson” had woken in a fractious mood.  The usual waking-up procedures were followed until “grandson” regained normal operating performance within acceptable tolerances.  After this “grandson” and I both decamped to the relaxation unit we call “sofa” in advance of morning vittals.

So to the “phenomena”.

”Grandson” was viewing the day’s selection of YouTube favourites.  I was – as mentioned – right next to “grandson”.  Suddenly ”grandson” twisted to look directly at me.  At the same time one small arm snaked around my neck and he murmured “dandad” several times in the sweetest of tones.  Taken by surprise I found my sensory receptors over-loaded and incapable of rational thought.  I can only describe a very real immediate and overwhelming intense immersion of unconditional love.  A love without condition or expectation.  A love without demand or expectation.  A love without beginning or end.  A love of choice.

The “phenomena” in that intense connection lasted but a few seconds.  “Grandson” and I both seemed to uncurl spontaneously – but without creating any distance between us at all.

Of note is that the consequence of that intensity lingers still – eighteen hours later.

This phenomena with “”grandson” has been observed with “nana” – but is most powerful when experienced directly.  I can register at least ten occasions I have directly experienced this phenomena with “grandson”.  This may sound unscientific and possibly unprofessional, but I do (really do!) hope for many further occurrences.

Captain’s log out …

– – – – – – – – – –

A lot of religious and Christian words are written about right and wrong, about sin and forgiveness, about being saved or unsaved.  It is an intellectual exercise attempting to  describe an emotional connection.  And more and more I rail at the “intellectual need” to be right.  To argue and convince each other that we have the proof needed to convince each other.  More and more I struggle with the need for the bible to be true (or not true), to be inspired by the Holy Spirit (or be an inspired holy mess), to be the sales pitch (or the sales liability).

I have even been caught up in the logic (or lack of logic) of unconditional love having free will and choice (or no free will and no choice).  A conversation that seemed utterly futile and still does.

This morning as that small face looked up at me, as that small arm snaked towards my neck, as that innocent and undemanding … spontaneous and thoughtless … divine and pure … As that chosen act of unconditional love took all conscious thought from every fibre of my very being …

I wonder why we adults prefer being caught up in the sales pitch of right and wrong, God or no-god, sin or forgiveness, verses, dogma, religion, faith, church and traditional or modern, mega or mini, denomination or independent … all of that “stuff” …



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