Epiphany 3 April 2007




In Bethlehem Today.

And the grasses began swaying,

As the bees began their saying

That something extraordinary would happen today.


And what do you say?” Said the Rat to the Bat.

Will the Lord of All Glory be born in Bethlehem today?”

But why? I am a Bat & I see Him now. Why must He be born today?


He sways with the grasses & buzzes with the bees,

And lifts up, each morning the sun, above the trees.

And when at night I fly across the moon


He tells me that He will bring me home soon”.

There are those”, said the Rat, “who used to worship the moon

Who will visit her craters & plant their feet there?

They cannot see His face, nor hear Him as we do.


For Mankind, will the Lord of All Glory be Born in a stable–

In Bethlehem Today!


And they shall see his Glory!



3rd April 2007



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