It’s time we took responsibility for us

Whilst our endless fascination with the tittle-tattle of celeb and media outrage continues apace … whilst the 148 character spats trend and wain … whilst debate over the “it isno it’s not” (on this one take your pick: global warming … plastic … deforestation … poverty … religion … faith .. what about me … will someone listen to me …) on a daily and addictive basis …

Human nature continues its inhumanity to man / woman / child … all those perceived as weak and vulnerable by those perceived as immune from the consequences

I think it’s time we took responsibility for us.  I think it is more than “time” when young children see these media spats and twitter outrage – and “know it” as their own daily playground culture.

Here is one reason why  –

– – – – – – – – – –

When abusers have the keys to your home

“When the 16 original plaintiffs gathered for lengthy mediation and settlement conferences, some were meeting for the first time.

“We pretty much bonded real quickly,” recalls Judy. “People started opening up and sharing their stories of what happened.”

Sitting in the conference rooms of generic hotels, Sellers says she was struck by the fact that they all had a backstory – abusive relationships, substance abuse problems, criminal records – some of which would have shown up on their housing application background checks.

“It’s like we all had something that they could feed off of,” she says, “and we all needed housing.”

– – – – – – – – – –

This is not a “US knocking post”.

This kind of abuse is found the world over.  It is found wherever power thinks itself  immune and vulnerable knows it is alone.  It is not a gender thing.  It is not a money thing.  It is not a colour thing.  It is not any label that is neat.  It is simply “I can so I will” v “I can’t so I must”.

It does not matter whether you call this sin or inhumanity or broken or any other preferred word.  Blame will not fix this.  Being right will not fix this.

I fix this.  You fix this.  We fix this.  We are all responsible.  We are all in this together.  We are all the solution.  And we do not have to believe the same stuff about stuff that will not fix this stuff.

Thank you.




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