It was in a Crucible

The melting pot –

Jeremiah’s dry well,

Where I learned the last step

Is the hardest.

To open my arms to Christ,

And open the door upon my Sovereign Self to Him

Is to be plunged into outer darkness

To see the dark side, of God!

A place wherein I am in the Crucible of my own darkness

Making tunnels from my mind.

Afraid of the outside,

At war within.

The cacophony of voicelessness arises in my mind

And I know not God.

He is hidden from behind Herself

In the dark of the Moon.

Until the baton tumbles

And I am humbled

Then from the well

I arise to name my fear.

Even now I would bind, without question, shepherds to sheep,

When sheep must become men and women.

And walk beside the right hand of God. Themselves!

Andrew December 2008


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