Painting God into an ever smaller corner

Sex in (the NIV version of) the bible is mentioned 77 times.  Leviticus is a sex addict’s shopping list.  The OT biblical guys and gals were more adventurous than we think ourselves.  Sex seems to have been their main pastime with anyone and anything (or why the long list).

A couple that caught my eye –

“When a man has sexual relations with a woman and there is an emission of semen, both of them must bathe with water, and they will be unclean till evening.” Leviticus 15:18

Bathing in the afterglow more likely (the best way to catch forty-winks I find).  And I read that semen is a great moisturiser – so don’t waste it.  And “unclean till evening” – just when are we talking about having sex – morning or afternoon – and didn’t these guys have jobs to do during the day?

“‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.” Leviticus 20:13

Are we speaking here of the missionary position (and how did “that” get its name)?  Because that is impossible between two men.  So are we talking about oral sex … anal sex … a hand-job …?  And where does “Thou shalt not kill” fit with the consequences of this one?

And nowhere is mentioned “sex before marriage” … “sex toys” … “spicing things up” … “role play” … all the “variants” modern society thinks acceptable … where does all “that” fit?

And then this –

“But I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, makes her the victim of adultery, and anyone who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.”  Matthew 5:32

Yet divorce is acceptable (albeit “unfortunate” and “sad”).   And marriage after divorce is now acceptable.  In fact marriage after divorce is now quite common and many who consider themselves normal Christians are divorced and remarried to divorcees.

The whole thing (it seems to me) is an “alternate universe”.  It is still all about the mechanics of humping and pumping – who you can stick it in and who you cannot.

And THAT is a minefield (without a shred of love or relationship anywhere in sight)!

Every which way I look at the “same sex gender relationship” which cannot be sanctified in marriage in the church because ”God says so AND the bible says so which is unfortunate and sad but what can we do?”   Each time I hear this compromise of “If you promise not to have sex you don’t need to be married – so that is fine – we can accept you publicly.”   And the venom and outrage of those who are much more honest and simply insist  “It is dirty dirty dirty – take them away from me!”

I see hypocrisy.  I see bias and personal preference.  I see a church determined to preach (without publicly preaching the words – usually):

“We are two-faced – you cannot trust us when we say all are welcome. 

You cannot trust us when we say you can trust us.

And you cannot trust us when we say we are in this world but not of this world.

Because you will find we all say that each Sunday – but that is not a reality we like to live.  We like to live a reality where there is much bullshit, where much is said and done behind your back, and where much smiling and false platitudes will be said to your face.

And you will find we excuse ourselves by saying we are ALL sinners saved by grace.  So when we screw you over that is okay.  When we are hypocritical that is also okay.  And when we exclude you because we prefer not to fall out with each other – that is also perfectly fine.

You will find that the bible says all of this (and more) which means we are “on message” each time we agree NOT to include you.

But we will pray for you.  And we will take your tithe.  So long as you don’t hold hands in public – certainly don’t kiss in public – and absolutely never mention you are actually living together and already having sex together!”

The “unsaved” are not thick.  Nor is God.

And I think it is time the hypocrisy was openly challenged.  Or else the church will continue to paint itself into an ever smaller corner.  And that means painting God into an ever smaller corner.

And that is not the God I know.

Thank you.



23 thoughts on “Painting God into an ever smaller corner

  1. Then maybe now would be a good a time as any to describe the god you know and exactly HOW you know this is the that god … whoever or whatever this may be.
    I feel confident that any explanation or description that strays away from the bible is going to be a truly fascinating read.

    I’ll try to find time to read it in between work, photography, and humping the goats.


    • Ark, you have a greater unhealthy obsession with religion (and only religion) than many I know.

      Every question you have asked – including this one – is already answered in the posts written at some point in the journey of this blog and I.

      That you cannot be bothered to find them is fine by me. But puts me under no obligation to even answer the questions you continue to ask.

      Particularly when your premise is I am wrong and it is your obligation to illustrate that.


      • Because you reference God (sic) all the time, and love and grace etc, etc as if they are all co-joined at the hip. Then, in the same breath you will seemingly slag off the bible and its contents.

        If you are making a distinction between the god you believe in and the god in the bible then simply say so.
        And while you are at it you could also state your belief regarding the character Jesus the Nazarene.
        If you are willing – as you are most certainly capable – to do this in a straightforward, unambiguous fashion this would be a bonus.
        And, if you like, I will will re-blog the piece post for you and then others can read.


        • And that blurring of the lines seems to be something you struggle to understand. And that i cannot help you with. Life is rarely one or the other, black or white – particularly so when it comes to beliefs (yours and mine and everyone else’s).

          Which brings me to your “straightforward and unambiguous” – which I always find with you means “to my agenda”. And which always means “yes/no questions and answers”. And with that we are back at the beginning. Again.



          • See? Here we go.
            This is rank cowardice of the first degree.
            It is not my agenda at all.
            You either think the bible god is a work of fiction or not.
            Why are you simply so afraid to be specific about what you write about?

            So tell me, do you think the bible god, Yahweh, is a human construct, a work of geopolitical historical fiction. Yes, or No?
            It is that simple.


            • Ark writes comments for those who may pass by in the future. He hopes these may be “Christians” who are wobbling in the conviction. Ark never wobbles – he was a Christian and now is not. Perhaps that is because Ark sees faith as religion not relationship.

              You will find Arks comments dotted around these posts. For someone who claims to be only on the side of objectivity and evidence, you will also find that in short supply:

              “Why are you simply so afraid to be specific about what you write about?”

              There is a not a shred of fear (or else he would be blocked from commenting). In short, this is an advisory: if you are wobbling in your faith (and many will and do – more than is admitted), there are many sources available to explore.

              My own long experience of Ark is that he is more manipulative than many you will have come into contact with in church.

              Enjoy! 😉


  2. I have not been following you ling Paul. And i do not have time to wander through old posts looking for your views on some of the questions that Ark has asked. So could you please just simply tell me two things that I am unsure of when reading the last two posts you have given.

    Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that he is God?

    Do you believe that the scripture is infallible and is inspired by the one true God to give us instruction in life today just as much as it did in biblical times?

    If you could please just answer these two questions it would help me out a lot exactly where you’re coming from. When I write in my blog I will stay to his points over and over because I never know who is jumping in at what time and I think it’s important to let people know where I stand on these two subjects.

    Thank you and be blessed


    • “Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that he is God?

      Do you believe that the scripture is infallible and is inspired by the one true God to give us instruction in life today just as much as it did in biblical times?”

      Hi Pete, I can certainly answer those questions. If you had asked me them three decades back the answer might be different than today. And if you ask me again in another three – different again. So today’s answer is just that. And if my beliefs do not change over time – what does that say about my relationship with a living being?

      With Ark it is simply a game. There is no intention or desire on Ark’s part for relationship so long as I continue a belief in something he cannot easily pin down – and so he assumes is a “pseudo Christian” belief in the religious definition of that word. And that make me wrong and him right.

      And for the same reason, I am not sure how my answer helps you.

      Either you and your God find truth in these words or you do not. Whatever the answer you may still like to read these posts, and if you do – you have answered the reason for your own questions.

      Ark find this kind of answer “evasive” (and assumes filled with “fear”). He is wrong. I find I live in a world that says it believes in God (or not) but then still needs a clear black or white/right or wrong “manmade answer”.

      And I wonder why that is. 🙂


      • Hmm. I don’t think you answered them. How does it help me? It helps my by letting me know what the context of your posts come from. If Jesus had never told us that he was the son of God or that he was following the will of his father we too might have thought he was of the devil for all the things that he said seemingly to cast doubt on the Old Testament. So all I want to know is the answer to these two simple questions. That helps me to understand where you’re coming from. Because it is not clear in your post where you’re coming from.


    • Ha! Brilliant, Pete. That’s what I like to read. No messing about. Tell it straight.
      And good for you, too.
      Just popped to your blog. Wishing you all the best with your health.
      One of my nephews was born with a rare case of leukemia.


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