To babel or not to babel

As a child I was known for being very handy with greying Truth and could get myself into all maner of pickles because I didn’t bother to think where the deception was going, had I contradicted myself by getting things in their wrong order? I always got caught out.


The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1563)

God seems to have had a little trouble with continuity considering that God is so carefull to mention that the children of the sons of Noah settled the islands and coastlands according to their Nations and language.

Genesis 9:5 “From these, the islands of the nations separated in their lands, each one to his language, according to their families, in their nations’ (CJB)

Genesis 9 :20 These are the sons of Ham according to their families, and their tongues, in their lands, in their nations. (CJB)

Genesis 10:32 These are the families of the sons of Noah according to their generations, in their nations, and from these, the nations were separated on the earth after the Flood. (CJB)


Then over the page into chapter 10, suddenly Genesis 10:1 Now the entire earth was of one language and uniform words.(CJB) or was it?

Either people spoke different languages according to their part of the families of the Nations – or they didn’t? All kinds of people,scholards and all tell us that the Bible contradicts itself and therefore cannot be relied on as a history, which it isn’t – that its geography is wrong and on and on. So is it nothing but a collection of stories thrown together in any old order, non sequential with many grey areas very suspect in their nature; or is there reason in the madness?

The decendents of Noah had moved forward from his castration by Canaan to populate the entire world seperating eachother according to language and Nation..

O Noah was castrated, who says, well it happened when Ham caught him drunk and naked and the others very discreetly walked backwards with a cloak to cover his shame.

Well that’t not the way we heard it is it, the non consensual**

From the horses mouth

For verse 22.And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw”: (Gen. Rabbah 36:7) Some of our Sages say: Canaan saw and told his father; therefore, he was mentioned regarding the matter, and he was cursed.

“saw his father’s nakedness’: Some say that he castrated him, and some say that he sodomized him. — [from Sanh. 70a]

So we have here a little clue about the way things were slowly, returning  to the way things were before the flood.

Well there I went confusing the issue with past events but we have learned that as soon as Noah left the Ark he built a vineyard, got drunk, a higher voice and no fourth son.

from 25 Cursed be Canaan: You have caused me to be incapable of begetting another fourth son (Gen. Rabbah , manuscripts, and early editions read: a fourth son) to serve me. Cursed be your fourth son, that he should minister to the children of these older ones [Shem and Japhet], upon whom the burden of serving me has been placed from now on (Gen. Rabbah 36:7). Now what did Ham see (what reason did he have) that he castrated him? He said to his brothers,“The first man [Adam] had two sons, and one killed the other so as to inherit the world, and our father has three sons, and he still desires a fourth son!” – [from Gen. Rabbah ibid. 5, 22:7]

To understand what is about to happen we have needed to return to events ocurring shortly after leaving the Ark, and have come from a jungle of non consensual sex  and assault (moving us – towards Sodom), and the contradiction of different languages or one.

What crazy Stories are these they wouldn’t hold water in a court of Law!

From 10 :1

one language: the Holy Tongue. — [from Tan. Buber, Noach 28]

and uniform words: Heb. דְבָרִים אֲחָדִים. They came with one scheme and said, “He had no right to select for Himself the upper regions.(God) Let us ascend to the sky and wage war with Him.” Another explanation: [they spoke] against the Sole One of the world. Another explanation of דְבָרִים אֲחָדִים (other editions read: דְבָרִים חַדִּים, sharp words): They said, “Once every 1,656 years, the sky totters, as it did in the time of the Flood. Come and let us make supports for it.” – [from Gen. Rabbah 28:6, Tan. Buber Noach 24]

Next time from Genesis 10:2And it came to pass when they traveled from the east, that they found a valley in the land of Shinar and settled there’

And men would be gods again



Image By Pieter Brueghel the ElderbAGKOdJfvfAhYQ at Google Cultural Institute zoom level Scaled down from second-highest, Public Domain, Link
Commentary and scripture from  Judaism, Torah and Jewish Info – Chabad Lubavitch . 2018. Judaism, Torah and Jewish Info – Chabad Lubavitch . [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 11 February 2018].

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