I don’t know what to say

17 dead x 2 parents = 51 lives x multiple siblings x multiple extended family x close friends x acquaintances x ever extending circles of connection.

So many lives lost.  So many more changed forever.

I have seen words of anger, words of pain, words of all emotion and soapbox.

And then I saw this …

Dear Parents,

Today your children will ask me about another school shooting. They will want to know if our school is safe. They will want to know if it could happen here. They will want to know if I can keep them safe.

I don’t know what to say.

I know most of the doors at my school are locked. I know our school is small, and there are security cameras in the hall. I also know many doors have glass windows on them, which bullets could easily pass through. I know there are no closets big enough to hide us.

I don’t know what to say …

Read the full article here:  A teacher’s response to the Florida school shooting

These words connected – deeply – so much more than a lot of others’.

My hope is that they connect with you too.

Thank you.




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