Just me being curious

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Just me being curious

Terror is 205 ?

Those outside, those non-believers who think that the Bible is a single but fractured Book, expecting to read it cover to cover, discover for themselves, I will say, uncountable inconcistencies that indicate to them that Our Book cannot possibly be of Divine origins. They expect that something considered inerrant cannot have any inconsistencies because then it isn’t inerrant. Historicity demands and goes far further than the scope of external acruacy such that even should science and medicine disprove or supercede its records, they would still remain inviolate.

Father Terah is just one interesting case:

“We got no further than Harran where we set about living our lives as usual, I was 70 when we arrived and was to live there for another  5 years until father died he lived until he was 205 years old. ” Fr Abram’s his(story)

One of the issues concerning content in Scripture is its inconsistency, its incredibleness

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